Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Energy of Christ Concsiouness - Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - Convergence Energy

The recent convergence of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon formed a spiritual triangle low in the western sky - (Photo: Fernando Rey (LuzLux) from the NASA site)

My psychic reading blog this week is about new energies combining our intuitive feelings of love, connection, creativity and morality, with our rational sense of the world.

These energies herald Christ Consciousness awakening, and they are relevant to the karma of all of our actions.

In June this year (2015) Venus and Jupiter aligned their energies, and on several occasions they also combined with the new moon to form a spiritual triangle. This only occurs in times of major energetic transformation on Earth.

The Star of Bethlehem, which led the Magi to the birth of Jesus, may also have been a convergence of Jupiter and Venus (and the moon). Throughout history this spiritual triangle alignment has brought the truth of what is hidden to the surface. My 2015 spiritual prophecy from the higher angelic realms guided that 2015 was the spiritual karmic report card year. Our governments, legal systems, political parties and multinational corporations are all directly influenced by the spiritual energy triangle.

The Energy of Christ Consciousness

Just as Christ drove the money changers from the Temple, we are now having light shone on deceptive practices going on today.  People are beginning to stand in authentic energy and to demand more from themselves and from their elected representatives.

In Australia people are protesting against the Shenhua coal mine on the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales. The strong threat of destruction of underground aquifers and prime agricultural land, has led to local farmers and environmental groups demanding greater accountability from their governments.

Governments are aware of the popular environmental movements gaining traction, but instead of listening to what the people want, in Australia governments are attempting to silence those voices.

They are attacking environmental organizations that protect the wildlife and nature, by declaring their funding non-tax deductible, and they're attempting to disallow any legal action against environmental destruction from anybody not living in the area where the destruction is happening.

Our Government ministers are being lobbied to do these things by $Multi-billion fossil fuel executives who put personal profit ahead of survival of life on our planet. Our politicians have succumbed to the fear-energies of greed and lust for power.

Dark energy is trying to make a stand before the new consciousness awakening takes a hold, and our collective karmic inaction is now under the spiritual karmic mirror. 

Heralding the Light

The energy recently heralded by the alignment of Venus, Jupiter and the moon, is a symbol of Christ Consciousness shining a light on all of the deceitful and destructive things going on in our world. 

The light is shining everywhere. More and more lightworkers are hearing their calling to stand up and stop the destruction by the dark forces.

More people are awakening from the hold of superficial attractions and mind numbing stimulation, to having a greater relationship with their natural surroundings. It is time to act.

May the Christ Consciousness energetic triangle resonate with your own truth.

Love and Light


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