Monday, 19 October 2015

Can You Spot the Paid Fake Online Psychic Reviews?

My psychic reading blog is about how to spot scripted psychic testimonials and reviews.

It seems that some well known psychic services have been misleading customers by using scripted testimonials in the psychic reviews sections of Pinterest and YouTube.

After releasing my radio tips about finding the right psychic, A client from the Netherlands asked how authentic I thought many of the testimonials on the web and Youtube are. It is obvious to me that many of the testimonials I've seen have been scripted and performed by actors.

I find it very disappointing that well known psychic services stoop so low as to falsify online video reviews.

Here's how I identify scripted psychic video reviews:

  • The reviews are over-the-top and unnatural.
  • The actors make the reviews more like advertisements than testimonials. For instance, they go to great trouble to spell out the business web address, which is something nobody ever does when making a legitimate testimonial. 
  • The psychic line business is supposed to be in Melbourne, Australia, but the video testimonials are by people from the USA or Europe. If the psychic line service is from Australia you'd expect it to have mostly Australian reviewers.
  • The testimonials are often scripted in similar ways. eg: Even though reviewers are from different cultural and demographic backgrounds, they all say they were skeptical at first and they've never called a psychic before; They all read out the domain addresses; They're all very confident in front of a camera.
  • The actors often read out the name of the psychic service inaccurately.
  • Real testimonials describe the accuracy of the reading and share what came true etc. The fake ones are more about encouraging you to book a reading than sharing the experiences of the reading.
  • I've been doing psychic readings for over 32 years and I've never known customers who want to put their face on a video testimonial for the whole world to see. When my customers call my psychic service they expect their personal details to be kept confidential.
  • Finally, after looking at some video testimonials, I can then search the web and fairly easily find the same actors spruiking their services on the internet.
  • Check out these video testimonials: First click the actor link, then click the adjoining Testimonial link using the same actor pretending to have used the psychic service:

    Actor 1 - Misleading Testimonial 1

    Actor 2 - Misleading Testimonial 2

I know from your calls that you're sick of so-called psychics who say they are spiritual, but then fail to demonstrate any integrity of the psychic arts they claim to honor. Hopefully the tips I have provided on how to spot scripted video psychic reviews will assist you to be more discerning.  

Love and Light 

Read the full article here: How Can You Spot Scripted Video Psychic Testimonials and Reviews? 

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