Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Vine's Psychic Tip Audio Podcasts

Last month's psychic reading blog: "Vine Psychic Radio Podcasts - How to Find the Right Psychic" was received well.

One Melbourne listener said she was used to psychic radio shows with long, rambling introductions, "But yours was right to the point and you went straight into providing practical help. It was great to have useful tips."

A Brisbane listener said the research and security tips were clear, concise and easy to follow. They followed the tips and found a Facebook page that had an iStock photo of a model posing as the psychic. 


My Next Psychic Tips Podcast
My next audio psychic tips will help you to tell the difference between real psychic testimonials and bogus affiliate testimonials and fake reviews. There has been concern about the credibility of many online business reviews, particularly in the Mind Body Spirit sector.

Many affiliates and networks have infiltrated the psychic sector and are using paid psychic reviews to legitimize their websites and social media sites. Suspect individuals are targeting the public through fake psychic review sites. It's no different to paid Black Hat SEO, which is used to stop credible psychic's articles and websites being found.

The abuse of the spiritual arts is nothing new. Celebrity psychics who believe in holding onto fame, can stoop to using unscrupulous practices to stay in the limelight. Sometimes to appear relevant, they  scrape the original content (steal it) from competitor websites and rewrite the same psychic predictions on their website.  Other Australian and International astrologers and 'psychic prediction experts' regularly manufacture fake psychic predictions to match whatever is current in the news.

Ego is often the motivator of celebrity astrologers and fake psychics, but there are genuine  light workers who shun the celebrity status and stand up for the integrity of the spiritual arts.

Cyber Attacks on Businesses
Just as there have been several online attacks of my psychic predictions over the last seven years,  many other small and large businesses are also encountering cyber attacks from unknown sources to stop them being found in web searches. They are constantly having to deal with cyber crime and Black Hat SEO by deceitful business competitor websites.

An online business isn't the same as running the local corner store where everything is out in the open. Today, small business owners are being targeted by overseas criminals and are dealing with a variety of concealed attacks. It is why I get a lot of startup and established businesses guided towards me seeking out practical spiritual help in business psychic readings.

Unscrupulous psychic businesses believe anything goes when it comes to attracting online clients. I'll continue to give the information you need to easily spot them.

Love and Light

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