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Australian Vine Psychic Warns About Online Dating Predators

My psychic reading blog this week reveals how how widespread online dating swindlers are, and how online dating predators can single you out in the most vulnerable times of your life.

Tuning Into Your Aura and Love Interest
When I use my spiritual vessel as a conduit to tune into your potential partner, I can spiritually gauge how the other person feels about you. I do this with the greatest spiritual respect, always honoring the spiritual arts as a loving spiritual vessel for the higher angelic realms; and I never judge.

Online Dating Predator Caution
In recent years I've noticed something different when tuning into women and men engaging on Tinder, Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites. 

I've noticed that 'Catfishers' and online dating predators throughout the world are targeting both men and women in record numbers. Some of the people I've been tuning into have been tricked into entering into fictional relationships with people who don't actually exist in real life. (Catfishing is a term used to describe online dating scams.)

The people you converse with on social media are not always what they seem. Photos shared on facebook and Instagram profiles may not be real. Online dating predators use stock photos from fashion models or celebrity profiles. They make up comments about how attractive you look, or about things they say you have in common. They do all this to gain your trust and to get you to let your guard down.

Recently I spoke with two customers who'd fallen victim to online dating predators. One had been sexting photos believing she was in a real relationship, only to find with help from my spiritual readings, that the profile of the person she was talking to was fake.

My other customer almost believed an online love interest who said they needed money to come out to Australia to be with him. It wasn't true.

I was able to give a spiritual warning about the real motives of these individuals.

Are You Dating an Organized Criminal Gang?
There are thousands of people reaching out to dating websites who are unknowingly being targeted by organized gangs from overseas.

If you get constant texts throughout the day and night from your internet dating contacts, it could be multiple predators swapping  shifts and pretending to be the same attentive boyfriend or girlfriend.

Online Love - Do You Know their Real Identity?
Tech savvy teenage boys can create profiles of 30 year old men to trick you into letting your guard down. It's easy to be fooled. Even professional men, women and academics have been fooled.

Dating predators are also targeting retired Australians and elderly pensioners who are often financially independent. You can be too trusting or vulnerable after the loss of your loved husband or wife passing. The more emotionally vulnerable or lonely you are, the more online dating-predators will seek you out. When I tune into men and women who take advantage of your emotional state, there is normally no guilt coming from their aura. 

Online Dating Schemes - Be Alert
When online, many people who use social media believe the more popular you are, the more likes you get. But nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, in the psychic industry SEO engineers are hired to manage social media sites and a lot of Likes and Retweets most often indicate the social media engineers are manipulating the false images you're looking at.

Online predators use the same black-hat SEO techniques to make themselves seem real and popular, when in reality they're completely fake.

If you want to know whether you are dating a real person or a social media predator, you can also book a psychic reading and I'll help you get to the truth of your online dating contacts.

Love and Light

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