Thursday, 16 October 2014

Law of Attraction - Inequality

It is Blog Action Day and I want to share how inequality has been supported by distorted spiritual laws. These laws have infiltrated into every area of world economies and the richest of people in society.

It is easy for someone who preaches selfish laws of attraction and greed to forget about the less fortunate in our world, the wildlife and the environment.

You only have to look at the outbreak of Ebola affecting the most vulnerable in our world to see how distorted Law Of Attraction ideas about greed have contributed to world health outbreaks. The forests that used to flourish under the native natural laws, have now been chopped down, and the poorest are eating infected bats and spreading disease throughout their communities. Now that Ebola is reaching other parts of the world, governments are taking action and realising just how interconnected people are with each other and with the environment.

So how did the distorted Law of Attraction create inequality in our world?
The original ideas behind the modern day Law of Attraction have been around for a long time in different religions and philosphical thought. Nowadays it's often thought of as "like attracts like", or that merely by thinking positively or negatively, you can attract positive or negative outcomes towards you.

In the 20th Century many people in the West began to push the idea of "like attracts like" to unrealistic and distorted extremes.They proposed a new metaphysical law, which states that you can attract money and wealth towards you just by thinking about it, regardless of what other people are thinking and doing.

They have done this by taking bits and pieces of truisms from a variety of different philosophical, religious, and scientific disciplines, then extrapolated, distorted, padded them out and stuck them together with the glue of network marketing strategies and hypnotic suggestion.

This new Law of Attraction sees positive thought as a means to a material end, and the marketing strategies surrounding it translate this into: If you buy this book you will have all the money, wealth and health you desire.

This new Law of Attraction as it is taught in books like : "Think And Grow Rich", "The Secret" and "Money and the Law of Attraction", is all about selfishness and greed.

To think and act without concern for others leads to inequality.

The new Law of Attraction contains no concern for other people, animals, plants or the environment, and no concern for the ecological interaction between them all. It causes huge energy imbalances on our planet which materialise as inequalities between rich and poor, haves and have nots, and ultimately it causes the environmental imbalances we are now seeing associated with climate change

The Law of Resonance vs The Law of Attraction
Let me state very clearly: There is nothing spiritual about this new and selfish Law of Attraction.

From a spiritual point of view, the new Law of Attraction is a low entity selfish distortion of the Law of Resonance. Whereas the new Law of Attraction is about attracting money, power and health to you, the Law of Resonance is about resonating and harmonizing with everything around you to maximise your experience on this planet .

In Buddhist and Hindu religious teachings, it is The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) that gives an understanding of how to resonate with your surroundings. Karma states that if you do THIS, then THAT will occur. Karma doesn't judge and it takes everything around you into account.

In the Bible this is expressed as: "As you Sow, so shall you reap", and in the Golden Rule, which is found in almost all religions: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

When these traditional teachings are combined, we are left in no doubt that we must take the WHOLE (Oneness) into account when we think and act, or we will create great social and environmental inequalities and energetic imbalances of the sort we are now seeing in the world today.

We have corporations who are forcing our governments to ignore the environment and the poorest of our world. The G20 summit occurring in November in Australia has already been manipulated by mining companies and corporations to continue with the destruction of our environment and to keep releasing pollution into our atmosphere. The abuse of the original laws of attraction is affecting us all.

Inequality only occurs if we allow it to continue. The false law of attraction being embraced by corporations has to end. The governments that rule our world have to begin to see the interconnectedness of all people, wildlife and environment or we will attract more than selfishness to our door.

Love and Light

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