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Vine Psychic Reveals - Why I don't Trust Abraham Hicks Entities

In my psychic reading blog this week, I wish to explain why, as a psychic, I warn against the Abraham Hicks version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teachings.

Some Abraham followers ("Abers") will find this article spiritually challenging and may completely rule out my opinions of their Law of Attraction teachings. That is the Law of Free Will. Some energetic nerves may be touched.

The intention of outlining my spiritual concerns about channeled Abraham teachings is not to offend. Rather, I hope the information will be helpful and spiritually educational.

Climate Change and Animal Extinctions
I want to concentrate on what Esther Hicks channels about climate change. In this Abraham Hicks channelling, Abraham denies any man-made climate change and goes on to quite flippantly portray the many recent animal extinction events as, joyful animals toddling over to the afterworld to "hang around with their friends".

Referring to the extinct (dead) animals, Abraham continues, "They're quietly over there hiding and saying we're not extinct, we're just hiding from you..." because apparently, our "worry for them is not pleasing to them." As if extinct animals could simply stop "hiding" and come back to life when we stop "worrying" about them.

Distorted Truth
There's probably no need to point it out, but the problem isn't that we are worried about the animals, it's just the opposite. We're killing them, and that truth has been completely distorted in this channeling. We are told that the extinct animals have chosen to hide from us and eveything will be Okay. When in fact, we have caused their extinction.

Abraham's unrealistic fairytale-like climate change denial channelings reinforce my concerns that followers are being mislead by deceptive lower realm entities. The entities that pretend to be helping us, could be doing the exact opposite by numbing our minds with trance like channeling to stop you from spiritually getting in touch with your own higher knowing.

Hypnotic Suggestion
In the channeling, Abraham  repeats the statement, "There is no climate problem", four times!
In response to the question ...to what extent have humans created or contributed to the current climate warming?"

Abraham replies:
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem" 

 This is an almost hypnotic suggestion that Abraham repeats for the in-house and world YouTube audience.

The use of hypnotic power words and repetition is a covert hypnosis technique. Conversational hypnosis is also used by NLP and sales people when they are trying to convince you to buy whatever they're selling. And nowadays many people use conversational hypnosis techniques to appear to be psychic when they are not.

In fact, the use of hypnotic suggestion without your knowledge is now being widely used throughout the mind body spirit sector to sway your beliefs against your will and to convince you to buy things and ideas that you wouldn't buy if you were fully aware of the subconscious manipulation being used on you.

We all want to believe in Hollywood movie happy endings.  We want to buy the lie that there is no human-made climate problem because it lets us off the hook.

But it also allows us to keep acting in selfish ways that will destroy life on our planet. The lower entities that pretend to be helping us, are in fact doing the exact opposite.

How many people follow Abraham Hicks Channeling?
The version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teaching channeled by Esther Hicks has reached every section of the globe. Since 1986, when Jerry and Esther Hicks started their Abraham network marketing, millions of people have in some way or other been introduced to Abraham's version of the Law of Attraction teachings.

Sales people have embraced the teachings and marketing techniques, and Australian and international psychics proudly share they follow the teachings of Abraham to sell their books and training courses.  They use the same type of hypnotic talk as the Abraham entities, to convince you they have all the answers to your life issues. It is important to see how hypnotic suggestion is being widely used throughout the mind body spirit sector.

It is time for people to see behind the false teachings and to identify that all is not what it seems.

I can see that Abraham is manipulating the real Universal Laws to energetically switch people off from their natural surroundings and ignore the warning signs of serious problems on our planet.  The Abraham entity version of the Law of Attraction ignores Oneness and falsely teaches that you can have whatever you want regardless of others.

The original manifestation principles are all about Oneness. They take the Whole into account and they are in harmony with nature.

The original LOA teachings do not destroy life. They maintain balance. We are a part of a natural balance and when we distort the meaning of our lives it affects that balance.

Read the full Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction article here:
Vine Psychic: Why I Don't Trust the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Teachings

Love and Light

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