Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vine Psychic Meditation - The Importance of Stilling Your Mind

In my previous psychic reading blog I talked about how stillness meditation quiets our minds and allows us to align to our inner knowing.

Meditation Isn't in the Mind
The belief that psychic ability and meditation comes from controlling the mind is entrenched in many healing practices. This has resulted in many meditation techniques that require the mind to think about something such as an affirmation, music or a taped message.

The Pure Art of Meditation Bypasses the Mind
Before recent times there were no electronic devices for meditation. It was up to the individual to learn the spiritual essence of meditation. The origins of meditation in different cultures and religions contain a direct energetic relationship with nature. Yogis in India would enter deep trances that allowed them to bypass the mind and enter a mind-less place of being. These yogis mastered their minds with disciplined daily meditation techniques.

Stillness meditation requires the learner to dedicate enough time for a regular daily practice to quieten the mind.

Our Fast Paced World
We live in a fast paced world that demands instant gratification and quick-fix solutions to manage our time. The constant need to be entertained or stimulated by some new form of technology or App is placing enormous strain on our ethereal and emotional bodies. Our minds are becoming over stimulated by mobile phone texting, or playing computer games into the early hours. We find it hard to switch off the mind chatter or to fall asleep. Depression and suicide is growing throughout our society with no key factor to determine it's steady incline. Why are people feeling depressed?

The Importance of Balance
The harmonious flow of our spiritual health is out of balance. Out of balance minds create an out of balance world. It is that simple.

There are many undercurrents that arise from not treating mental health issues once they are identified. This is why nature is crucial to our spiritual wellbeing. If we have a direct relationship with nature we immediately attune our aura to our natural surroundings.

When you meditate near a peaceful and beautiful setting you become one with the nature of that setting. 

It's time to place your spiritual health as your number one priority.
You are spiritually loved, and if your fast paced life is stopping you from getting in touch with your true self, quiet your mind and begin the healing process.

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Love and Light

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