Monday, 25 August 2014

Do Celebrity Psychics Respect Client Confidentiality?

In my psychic reading blog this week I'm writing about celebrity psychics who don't respect their customer's privacy. We've just had another shameful example this week when American psychic Ron Bard publicly declared that he is Brad Pitt's psychic and then revealed parts of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's private lives.

The details of his allegations do not concern me here; What I want to discuss is the blatant abuse of client confidentiality by "so called" celebrity psychics who fail to respect the privacy of their clients.

Celebrity Psychic Shame
This isn't the first time well-known celebrity psychics have revealed personal details of their client's lives to the media. Princess Diana also had her private life exposed by well known British psychic Sally Morgan. It was appalling to see a psychic attempting to gain fame by disclosing private information about Princess Diana.

The same thing occurred when British fashion designer Alexander McQueen passed away. Not long after his passing Psychic Sally Morgan was off to the press to reveal the late designer's private conversations with her. Celebrity psychics who reveal the names of their famous clients and openly share personal details of their personal lives, break every spiritual karmic law that reputable lightworkers follow.

Psychics Disclosing Customer Details - It's Not On!
There is no way that reputable spiritual mediums, empaths or healers should disclose their customers private life to anyone. They know if they abuse the trust of their clients they would be karmically abusing the Universal Spiritual Laws we all must follow.

Gossip Press Responsibilty
The media also bears responsibilty for encouraging psychics to abuse their client's trust in an open public forum. As soon as a psychic goes to the press with details about the private life of their clients, or to reveal their client's identities, their integrity is lost.

Customer Trust Lost
They also risk losing the trust of psychic customers who reach out to genuine clairvoyants and mediums looking for a source of spiritual comfort and reassurance. When psychics fail to comply with the same privacy laws all business must follow,  people have a right to be angry and to take legal  action.

Speak Up if Psychics Abuse Privacy
It doesn't matter if you are Brad Pitt or if you come from royalty, it doesn't matter if you are a politician or any sort of well known public identity, your privacy is considered sacred by the higher realms. Don't allow any psychic to abuse your trust by embarrassing you in the media. You have the same rights as every other citizen when it comes to keeping your identity private.

All Psychics Are Being Tainted
Genuine psychics are fed up with the psychic industry cowboys who embarrass all lightworkers by creating the impression that this is what all psychics and healers do. We don't. Reputable psychics find the actions of celebrity psychics to be crass and overly self promotional. Seek legal redress if a psychic oversteps the mark with your confidentiality. Send a clear signal to any psychic who abuses your trust, and set an example to curb this type of breach of privacy.

Research the psychic's backgrounds thoroughly to see if the psychic is reputable. Don't become a victim of unscrupulous psychics who aren't standing in authentic spiritual energy, and who taint the original spiritual arts.

Read the full client confidentiality article here:
Celebrity Psychics Client Confidentiality Breaches


Love and Light

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