Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Spiritual Friendships and The Bachelor Fans

This week in my psychic reading blog I'm writing about the Australian reality TV show The Bachelor. But it's not my fault, scout's honour. I started watching the show last year after a group of women contacted me to find out if the bubbly Ali would win the Bachelor's heart. So I blame them for my Bachelor addiction, LOL.

As a psychic medium, I use remote viewing to help my clients gain a greater sense of clarity and peace of mind. It allows me to see future forecasts, and its probably why my giggly group of Bachelor fans wanted me to predict which Bachelor contestant would be the next to be sent home.

I started watching the show to see what the female Bachelor contestants actually looked like ...Hooked.

Take Your Bets
This year after the show went went to air, the women started to call me again on my psychic line. They meet up at each other's homes to watch the show together and to take bets on who will be booted out. They enjoy their weekly catch up to admire the fashions, watch the crazy antics of the contestants and to have their little wagers.

Spiritual Friendships
They remind me of my close Melbourne friends, and when we used to meet up for our Sex In The City girl's night. The goddess energy of women meeting together is special. The friends we attract towards us allow us to be spiritually supportive of each other. I have been blessed to attract beautiful supportive friends who love to have a good time, go out dancing, or hang out at the beach.

Just BE
Friendships are important in our lives and true friendships last the distance. Sometimes our world moves along too fast, but for women and men alike, you can slow it down by meeting up with your mates or girl friends to watch the footy or your favourite show, joke around, be yourself and just BE in the moment.  No responsibility, no stress, just blissful, soak-in-the-moment friendship that rejuvenates your aura and energises your soul.

The Bachelor Fan Club
I enjoy receiving the phone calls from my Bachelor Australia fan club. They all allow themselves time to wind down from busy schedules and children and they don't feel guilty about giving themselves a break.  They have a laugh, they don't take the show too seriously and they allow me to escape into their fun world for a while. I've been embraced as one of their own, i.e., someone who questions Blake's dating habits and love interests.

Everyone can offer themselves a bit of unreserved fun me time. It can be anything and it doesn't have to be expensive. The most important thing about friendship get-togetherness, is the joy experienced when you're doing something you love.

Are you allowing your soul to have some ridiculous fun?

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Love and Light

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