Thursday, 31 July 2014

How Do You Cope With Cumulative Grief - Vine Psychic Helps...

My psychic reading blog this week is about the spiritual aspects of more than one death in the family, whether at the same time or within days or weeks of each other.

July 2014 has left its mark on thousands of grieving families who have lost family members and loved ones to war, plane crashes and car accidents. Grieving for one person is hard enough, but so many people are now having to contend with the cumulative grief of multiple deaths. If you're grieving the loss of your loved ones I want to share that they are aware of your grief and can help you recover from your loss.

Spiritual Interconnectedness
Those who have no prior warning can be spiritually inconsolable when they have one or more family members passing. The grief feels like hell and your life is turned inside out. Even so, spiritual understanding of multiple death phenomena is important in realising the spiritual interconnectedness of all life and stages of existence.

Universal Energy of Consciousness
Before during and after this life we all are energetically part of the divine thread of universal consciousness. Prior to incarnation into a biological family in this life-time, we spiritually chose our soul connections and the lessons we needed to learn in physical form. Our soul connections are as relevant as our cellular gene connections.

Why We Incarnate
The individual essence of our incarnation is crucial to the self evolvement of our soul. There would be no need to incarnate into the physical world at all if we came into the world with full knowing. We enter into the denser matter of the physical vessel in order to experience our 'selves' and to spiritually evolve. Your higher self is energetically connected to the Oneness consciousness and it monitors your life learnings and experiences like a protective guardian as your spiritual being becomes more involved and affected by its relationships in the physical environment.

Your Soul Family
The soul family who incarnated as brother, sister, mother, father are all energetically aligned to their soul tribe. When I tune into your soul family in Spirit they are aware of your grief and will try to help you recover from the loss of their physical reality. They reveal how they physically looked and impress energy memory about their life. The soul family can go back many generations. If you all choose to experience a soul family lesson, then your loved ones who physically die will energetically cross and wait for you.

They hear your prayers and feel your love, and they will encourage, help and wait patiently for you to fulfil your own life purpose. Your Spiritual family doesn't abandon you. You are divinely loved and watched over.

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Love and light

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