Saturday, 26 July 2014

Vine Psychic Helps the Grieving Understand Death

My psychic reading blog this week is about helping those who have woken to news that their children, parents or friends have crossed over without being able to say goodbye.

Grieving Families
Whether it's the collective grief of the Dutch, Australian and international citizens coming to terms with the tragic loss of MH17, or the people of Gaza watching their children being killed indiscriminately with the weapons of war... coping with the awful grief is devastating for the families left behind.

How Spiritual Mediums Can Help
As a spiritual medium, I allow my ethereal vessel to communicate with the higher realms. I relay messages to help you cope with traumatic loss. I know how difficult it is to function when your heart is torn. I understand the shock and numbness you feel when your world is ripped apart.

Sleeping is impossible as you go over and over everything in your mind. You blame yourself for not making different choices. What if you didn't allow them to get on the plane, or jump in that car? Would they would still be alive? I've done thousands of readings helping heartbroken people understand the process of death.

Spiritual Confirmation
It's important for your healing to know how your loved ones are on the other side, and whether thay are spiritually around you. Your loved ones in the angelic realms are aware of your emotional pain. I have been humbled by the spiritual readings I am asked to do as a medium.

Spiritual Healing
Time and again I have watched as the most grief stricken husbands, wives and parents who couldn't function because of depression or post traumatic stress, begin to enter the healing process.

I know you are loved in the spiritual realms because I see the effort your loved ones in spirit make to heighten their energy fields to pass their messages on through genuine mediums. Your loved ones energetically impress visions about their passing, and even go into detail about your lives. They are all-knowing, omnipresent, spiritual beings who incarnated on the earth to be in your life and they know you are grieving their loss.

One Spiritual Family
The way in which our media determines which tragedies are front page news and which tragedies are ignored, is a symptom of our failure to realise that we are all ONE. We are all from the One spiritual family no matter our culture or geographical location in the globe. Spirit doesn't single out any person above another. We all have the same emotions and the same pain.  The most recent news coverages reporting some tragedies such as MH17 but not others such as the number of people who are killed on our roads, divides us further and adds to our pain.

I extend my prayers to all of the people around the world who have been personally affected by the traumatic loss of your loved ones by any tragedy or traumatic event.There are so many and it is so sad.

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Collective Grief and Spiritual Comforting

Love and Light

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