Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Psychic Predictions Query by Sydney Customer

A psychic reading customer of mine from Sydney who follows my psychic predictions wanted to know why I haven't recently been updating my prophecies from Spirit as frequently as I have been in the past.

The spiritual channelings I receive from the angelic realms are not celebrity predictions. I ruled that out right from the start. To bring credibility to spiritual predictions I was only prepared to do predictions about events that were of real concern to communities around the world.

The spiritual arts have to be respected as a soul channeling craft. No real spiritual medium will ever degrade the akashic ethereal teachings for self aggrandisement.

I've been in a spiritual dilemma about writing psychic predictions, particulary for Australian politics, because I didn't want to appear biased towards any political party. This was why I have deliberately held back from writing Federal And State psychic predictions in the last year.

But I have to weigh this up against honouring the spiritual visions and messages I receive by speaking out when our environment and future life on this planet is at stake. Most of the predictions I have been receiving are about climate change, extreme weather or politics. I am guided our world is in grave danger of energetically becoming more fragmented as we allow the natural balances to deteriorate.

My client became my teacher when she asked, if you have been given this gift of vision, why are you not using it to help others prepare or understand what is happening on our planet? She shared how astrologers are writing predictions that are political because they are directly involved in business groups and secret societies like the Freemasons and others who support each other's businesses and prop up the fossil fuel companies.

She asked why some Australian astrologers are able to influence the public when they don't declare their political leanings. Her frankness was my light bulb moment and has prompted me to begin to release the predictions I have been holding back. 

As a spiritual teacher, I also know we learn from each other. I'm open to my client being honest with me about the predictions and as a result of her question, I am now posting new predictions.
I unashamedly stand up for humanity and the environment and how people interpret my predictions if they become political, is a matter for them to resolve.

The good news is I am releasing new 2014 Australian and world psychic predictions. To read the full article about the new psychic prediction updates go to:  

2014 Psychic Predictions and Client Query

Love and Light

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