Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brisbane Psychic Client asks Vine for Help

In my spiritual blog this week I was asked by a Brisbane online phone psychic reading client to write about the Australian Federal and Queensland State budgets.

She had invested in solar panels to help the environment and was putting renewable energy back into the grid. Now she said she felt demonised by the Queensland Liberal National Party who called her a "champagne sipper and part of the latte set" because she was selling solar energy back to the grid.

She was told by one Queensland Government that solar power was a good thing and encouraged to install solar panels, and now she is being demonised by another Queensland Government for doing exactly that.

Politicians Creating Division
Apparently the Queensland State liberal politician who referred to solar energy users as "champagne sippers" was trying to create division between those who invested in renewable solar energy and the those who didn't. This led to her asking about the way the Australian budget is creating fear and division in Australian society.

She wondered whether or not the coalition government's recent federal budget was taking into account the spiritual energy of exchange I wrote about 4 blogs ago (Psychic Solutions for Aussie Politicians - Energy of Exchange).

Even before the Australian federal election was called, I was spiritually guided our 'lucky country' was going to encounter a lot of hurt.  I was spiritually guided that ignoring climate change and it's subsequent environmental problems, would karmically backfire on Australia in years to come. My 2013 spiritual channeling warned that we were entering a time of deception by individuals who controlled our governments and media. Spirit described these individuals as the deceivers. They would secretly dictate government policy to benefit their own economic agenda.

Spiritual Problems with the Budget
I wasn't shocked at all to see the reaction of the Australian public to the budget. I am guided this economic model will not benefit future generations because it does not operate in accordance with the spiritual energy of exchange, and  has ignored the environmental impacts of not working in harmony with nature.

A Budget that ignores it's effect on the environment, and that blocks the flow of exchange between all people, will have a severe karmic impact on the community in the short and long term.

One crucial component of the Australian Federal Budget is missing. The current economic model is failing to take into account the emotional and spiritual impact on you and I.

Everyone is being classified as an economic driver, rather than a complete and multifaceted spiritual being.

This economic budget is failing to address the need to do NO FURTHER harm to our environment. The individuals who collectively created these policies have ignored climate change cause and effect. This budget continues to support dead fossil fuel industries, which are destroying our hopes for the future, and fails to invest in environmentally sustainable energy industries, the big job growth industries of the very near future.

If Budgets today fail to invest in sustainable industries and continue to sell all the assets that Governments in the past have built up over many years and that are earning money for the taxpayer, we will have nothing to fall back on when even more extreme, frequent and expensive weather events and natural disasters hit us in the near future.

Governments will have nothing to rely upon to rebuild residential and business infrastructure. The only way forward for future governments will be to borrow again from the international financial sector. This means the budgets of the future will cause even more financial hardship to everyone and especially to medium income and low income families.

Our politicians are continuing to treat us as dispensable economic units.

But as a spiritual being, you have the power to use your voice for the greater good and to meet with like-minded people and apply pressure to any government that is spiritually short sighted. 

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Love and Light

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