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SPIRITUAL ORBS - Are they Evidence of Spiritual Energy, or Just Dust?

The Orbs in photos can look beautiful - Are they paranormal or just dust?

In my Psychic Reading Blog this week I'm writing about Spiritual Orbs, because over the last few years there have been thousands of orb photos appearing on the web.

Orbs in Photographs - Are they Spiritual Energy or just Dust Particles?
I've had many paranormal experiences in my life and I've seen spiritual apparitions (or ghosts) since I was a child. I believe there are specific energy vibrations that identify spiritual energy. Spirit is capable of expressing shape and form when communicating with my own energetic aura. They appear to me as they were before they passed. They don't appear to me as circles of light.

This is why I believe that the majority of Orbs being photographed are not spiritual energy vibrations.

So if the Orbs aren't paranormal, what are they? The technical explanations for the creation of orbs by the effects of flash light reflecting off dust particles seems like a logical explanation for most of the orbs I've seen in photos.

So before jumping to any conlusions as to whether or not you have a spiritual orb in your photo, it's important to rule out any technical reasons for why orbs might appear.

Technical Reasons for Orbs in Photos
When the flash is built-in to the camera very close to the lens, the angle of reflection of the flash light after it hits any particles floating in the air, creates the orbs of light. The orbs aren't just waiting around to be caught by compact camera flash lights. It's the flash light that is causing the orbs. The closer the flash source is to the lens of the camera, the more likely it is that orbs will appear in your photos when the atmospheric conditions are favourable. This is why you never see orbs on professional TV shows, movies or any photos taken with 'good' lighting.

Most of the orb photos you see on the web are taken with a flash that is very close to the lens of the camera. You can tell that from the shadows. When the light source is close to the lens, the shadows are mostly hidden behind the subject of the photo.  Most of those orb photos are therefore likely to be out-of-focus particles floating close to the camera. Sometimes orbs appear as a result of lens flare when the camera is pointing into a back light.

So if you have a photo of an orb and you're not sure if it's paranormal or just a trick of the light, first check that it's not the flash or backlighting and that there's nothing out-of-focus floating around just in front of the lens.

Spiritual Apparitions Have Energetic Shape
I've never known Spirit to be really showy, and they never appear as orbs floating around my ethereal aura. The spiritual apparitions (ghosts), or higher spiritual guardians who have visited me have all had an energetic body outline.

I can't see any reason why a Spirit would decide to appear as a circular orb rather than an ethereal body shape. And I don't think that it's wise to believe that all dots and tricks of the light on photos are from the higher or lower astral realms.  Especially these days when it's so easy to alter images using Photoshop or other image editing programs.

My guess is that the majority of paranormal videos showing ghosts walking through doors or moving objects around, have been altered and aren't real.

Ask any credible parapsychologist how hard it is to record voice impressions and photos of ghosts. The pickings are slim. There is very little, (if any) genuine film exposure of real ghosts.

In my psychic medium readings, when your loved ones appear to help and guide you, they never appear as orbs. They are energetically capable of impressing visions about their life and how they looked when they crossed over. There may be a few credible cases of  energetic orbs, but first rule out all the environmental circumstances before believing every orb is a ghost, angel or fairies.

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