Monday, 19 May 2014

Online Psychic Courses Are They Real?

Have you seen the online psychic courses implying that everyone is psychic and promising you that they can make you psychic overnight? I hope you haven't been taken-in by them.

These psychic courses declare that you'll be a qualified and an accredited psychic. They'll even give you a certificate to prove it when you finish the psychic training. Or you may be enticed to buy their psychic personal development Ebooks or Apps as part of the online course marketing spin.

I came to be writing about fake psychic course accreditations in my spiritual blog after a new psychic reading client asked me to be honest about his aura.  He wanted my honest opinion about his psychic ability. Did he really have heightened healing ability?

He had done a lot of psychic courses that promised he would be a master healer, but wasn't feeling he was reaching the potential the course content was promising.

People with heightened clairsenses have two specific chakras that identify genuine spiritual sensitivity. You can tell who is more inclined to have heightened clairsenses by the vibrational frequency of their chakras. But this doesn't mean people who don't have high chakra activity aren't spiritually capable of tuning into their own higher self.

Everyone may not be able to be psychic, but everyone can silence the mind and align spiritually with the wisdom of their soul.

But my client's question was specifically about whether or not he could be a spiritual healer for others. Over the years he'd spent thousands of dollars on healing courses and he wasn't achieving the end result they were promising.

My first guidance was to share that he didn't carry heightened clairsenses. The second was to share that his experience was unfortunately not uncommon. 

He wasn't upset about the spiritual guidance and he sighed a sense of relief on hearing it. He told me he knew my guidance was accurate.

He then told me about all the psychic and healing courses he had completed over 10 years. He shared with me that he had been told by online psychics that he was psychic healer, and because they all said the same thing, he believed it.

He is one of the many told by psychic chat sites and online television programs to be told 'you are a spiritual healer'. But I'm sorry to reveal, this is spin and it has been going on for years to get you to buy books and sign up for spiritual medium courses etc.

Pretending to teach people to be psychic or healers, is an income stream for fake psychics.

Credible lightworkers know they have heightened senses and they don't have to train their minds or use hypnosis to get in touch with these natural abilities.

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Love and Light

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