Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Getting Real About Psychic Training Courses

Last week's blog about Psychic Training Courses drew a strong response.

One of my clients had done a short course on learning how to be an animal whisperer.  Her comment on the course summed up the sort of peer pressure to succeed you can expect from the fake psychic course industry:  "I didn't feel anything at all. I was told that I was thinking too hard and needed to build up my confidence."

Most people who participate in these 'Anyone Can Be a Psychic' courses or psychic training are gaining nothing more than fabricated qualifications set up by individuals who are not psychic themselves.

These 'I can teach you to be psychic' courses are springing up all over the net.  Many of them have been set up by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) life coaches, some of whom in recent years have been re-inventing NLP as being psychic, and are claiming that anyone can be psychic.

Many people can be taught to tune into their own higher self, but you can't teach everyone to have heightened clairsenses (to be psychic). You are either born with them or have a near death experience that automatically alters the ethereal field.

But this inconvenient psychic truth doesn't suit the many NLP life coaches who are now attempting to pass themselves off as being psychic.

The financial incentive of the psychic industry is why many NLP practitioners, or similar, are increasingly marketing themselves as being psychic/intuitive even though NLP practitioners have never been 'psychic' in the past.

A lot of the NLP money is made, not through practicing NLP, but by running courses to teach it. In order to sell their courses that claim to teach you to be psychic, they first have to convince you that they are psychic. Then to convince you that you can be psychic as well, they are disseminating the absurd myth that everyone can be psychic.

People attending these courses can be so keen for it to be true, they can convince themselves that it is. The teachers have a financial incentive to support these false results. When everyone else in the course seem to be so accepting and successful at being psychic, it creates the peer pressure to convince yourself that you are too.

These courses are making a mockery of the spiritual arts.

They've even tried to describe conversational hypnosis as being psychic.

I have previously taught spiritual workshops, but never have my workshops been about teaching anyone at all to be psychic. My workshops were about helping to get in touch with your authentic spiritual self and taking back your own inner knowing. If you become overly reliant on life coaches or psychics or join psychic clubs that treat the psychic as a guru, then your doing a disservice to self.

The majority of psychic training is suspect and a hotchpotch of unrelated, scientific, social and spiritual teachings. At best they might teach you some mentalist cold reading and hypnotist tricks, which could do more harm than good.

Try not to be taken in by the sales talk that says that everyone is psychic, and get to the essence of your own inner knowing.

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Love and Light

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