Wednesday, 7 May 2014

PSYCHIC SOLUTIONS for Aussie Politicians

The Politics of Fear
In my psychic reading blog this week I'm sharing a psychic solution for Aussie politicians who believe that scaring the public is the best way to get their votes.

I'm going to energetically identify why the spiritual law - the Energy of Exchange - is not being applied in politics, and provide a simple energetic principle that anyone can follow to see why the world economies are not aligned with the greater good.

Political Fear Campaign
Politicians regularly use FEAR to sell their political policies, and over the last six months there has been massive fear disseminated by the Australian government.

The amount of political fear assimilated to the media is destroying the harmony of free caring Australians. The fear stems from a blockage of the Energy of Exchange and in the short term it creates unnecessary panic and a slump in consumer confidence. In the longer term, this blockage of the Energy of Exchange creates unnecessary suffering - everything from depression, debt, poverty and illness to deceipt, corruption, war and environmental disaster.

When spiritual energy becomes out of balance, it creates political division and people turn on each other. Simplistic reasons are found for problems; regular people are blamed for the economy failing;  the carbon tax becomes the blame for the price of electricity rising etc. But energetically, this isn't the reason why economies are not flourishing.

The principle of the Spiritual Energy of Exchange (the real Law of Attraction) reveals that there must be a continuous spiritual flow to create harmony. If the exchange of energy is interrupted, it automatically disrupts the flow of harmonic energy

Energetic Flow of Harmony and our Economic Structure
We work to earn a living and part of our earnings are used to pay for basic services for us all - things like transport, education, health, basic housing and sustenance. If everyone follows the harmonious formula our society flourishes in the energy of flow.

But if people don't pay their taxes, it stops the flow of harmonious energy. This means the government doesn't have enough to pay for services and it becomes every person for themselves. A dog-eat-dog economic structure and continuation of the cycle of unnecessary suffering, destruction and environmental disaster.

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Psychic Solutions for Politicians, Economies

Love and Light

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