Saturday, 8 March 2014

Psychic Dream Readings - How the Aura Works With Our Mind

In my psychic reading blog this week I am writing about the real purpose of dreams and about the direct connection between your dreams, your aura and your higher self.

Why does a dream stay with you throughout the day?
You wake up from a dream feeling unsettled and wanting clarity about its real meaning. The reason why the dream won't leave your conscious mind is because it is trying to get you to analyse the emotional message behind it.

Your Higher Self
Your higher self is attempting to reach out to you using the subconscious electrical energy in your mind. Everything about dreams has a purpose. If unravelling its messages seems like a wasted exercise, persevere, because you might find your dreams are your way forward to understanding many pressing life issues. 

Dreams are not directly related to the mind
Dreams work directly with our auric body. This is why I am guided the psychological sciences are still trying to determine the mystery of dreams. Their studies are based on the scientific tests of the mind.  When you delve deeper into the ethereal field you discover there is a lot going on unseen by the naked eye. 

Once you learn how to interpret your dreams without using a dream encyclopedia you will be able to immediately identify the importance of your dream or nightmare.

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Dream Psychic Readings - Real Purpose of Dreams

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