Monday, 17 March 2014

Celebrity Psychic Prediction Shame

Why do celebrity psychics jump on the bandwagon after personal tragedy? This week in Vine's psychic reading blog she writes about the psychic prediction cringe.

With the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight M370, it is already difficult enough for the families, friends and loved ones, without celebrity psychic predictions being trumpeted in the media.

Celebrity psychics have recently been doing remote visions in the media to 'find' the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. They must be desperate for publicity. Cashing in on something like this is tasteless, uncaring and shameful. It is the last thing the loved ones of those concerned need. 

It looks tacky and fake when psychic prediction sites use current media stories to appear relevant, and when people confuse these celebrity psychics with the genuine psychics, it destroys credibility within the spiritual arts. 

There are online psychic prediction sites created by search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists solely to appear higher on Google searches than reputable spiritual prophecy sites. These suspect prediction sites are owned by cheap psychic chat rooms who hope that their fabricated predictions will entice you into having one of their psychic-chat phone calls. 

If, as a psychic you are capable of seeing remote visions which can help the authorities, then let the people involved come to you. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the grieving. They are in state of high anxiety and don't need to read half-baked guesses that a plane exploded or terrorists took over a plane. They need to know the facts.

Vine Psychic Reading Line extends our prayers to the families and friends directly affected by the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Read the full article here:
Celebrity Psychic Prediction Cringe

Love and Light

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