Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Vine Writes About Coping After Suicide

In my psychic reading blog this week I am writing about coping with suicide loss. 

After the tragic loss of Australian media identity and model Charlotte Dawson and the recent Australian TV series about Michael Hutchence, several clients have asked me to write about coping with suicide. 

The psychic reading editorial will help people understand what is energetically occurring when someone is suffering from depression. 

How Spiritual Empaths Detect Depression
Credible spiritual mediums can detect if someone is fragile in their energy field. I do a lot of readings for people who have lost loved ones to suicide. I know the tragic death of a loved one to suicide causes families, partners, siblings, friends and work colleagues to question if they could have done any more to help the departed. 

True Life Spiritual Readings - Suicide 
In my psychic reading editorial I share true life psychic readings about connecting with people who committed suicide and what guidance they shared with their families about what was going on in their mind.

Suicide is not an easy option for the departed. Mental illness can happen to anyone. It only takes a few of life's hard knocks to send someone over the edge.

When I tune into someone suffering from depression as an empath, I use my aura as a conduit to feel what is going on energetically in their ethereal field. There are several spiritual indicators that allows me to identify how the dark energy (black dog) is in control.   

Spirit Reaching People Before They Commit Suicide
If Spirit guides someone towards me who is considering committing suicide, I allow my spiritual vessel to be used as a conduit for their loved ones in Spirit to guide specific information about their life. This channeling helps my clients to find solutions to manage their life issues. As a spiritual empath I can feel they are hearing the words being guided because their aura begins to soften. They may cry uncontrollably as they release the fears they have been privately holding onto.

Overly Positive Thinking Hinders Rather Than Helps
The people who find depression to be overwhelming who take their own life are unable to see the light from the dark energy that consumes them. They may have been told to think positively and positive thinking will cure all of life's ills. Unfortunately thinking overly positive and trying to buffer pain can result in the depressed overcompensating their emotions to make people around them feel better, when they themself are energetically detached from their emotions.

Your Not Alone
My psychic reading editorial will help you see your not alone grieving the loss of someone close to you who ended their life at their own hands. You will understand what genuine spiritual mediums do to help the higher realms relay guidance to help the grieving. You will also understand how Spiritual Sensitives detect the energy imbalances on their clients aura. These psychic readings are not fortune teller readings. They are what credible spiritual mediums (lightworkers) do to assist the higher realms.

Dream Visitations - Have You Had One?
Spirit will try to reach you in your dreams. If you have experienced a dream visitation from someone who died, you will know they want to put your mind at ease and to show you they are all right. 

Dream visitations, where your loved ones make contact, are more common than people realize. I often receive psychic bookings to verify if a loved one had tried to make contact with you. Spirit waits for you to STILL your mind and enter different sleep states before they can reveal themselves in Spiritual being. 

I hope this article will bring some peace of mind for anyone trying to understand suicide and also bring some awareness about what real spiritual mediums do when they open themselves up as a channel to the angelic realms. 

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Love and Light

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