Monday, 17 February 2014

Psychic Energy of Music - Nature

In my Psychic Reading Blog this week I summarize our main Psychic Reading Editorial about the spiritual energy of music.

Why does music evoke different emotional feelings? What does energy have to do with music? When we hear a long forgotten song on the radio, any memories associated with it take us back in time and instantly draw our emotions to the surface. We instinctively have a relationship with music but where did this energetic relationship come from?

The Music of Nature
I'd like to share with you that nature is at the root of all we know to be music. It is nature that holds the answers to the spiritual connection we have to music.

The indigenous cultures of the world long ago came to understand our direct connection to the vibrational frequencies of nature. The Australian aborigines created didgeridoos and clapping sticks to replicate the beautiful tones of nature.

It's the same with other indigenous cultures - "Everything is rhythm." The first instruments came from trees, rocks and metals from the ground.

Hearing Nature's Music
But how did the people know to use these natural instruments from our Earth to make music? Its because they were able to still their minds to hear the natural rhythms and tones being released from nature. The reason why indigenous people were originally in sync with nature is because they knew that nature is the same energetic essence from which they originated.

Music has allowed us to relay stories and to hold the memories in the cells of our energetic body.

It's Not All in the Mind
There is a lot going on in the energy body that many people mistakenly believe is directly related to the mind. But the mind is just the physical organ that allows the energy thoughts to have a unique vibration. The mind is considered to be where knowledge and intellect comes from, but without the chakra's energy relationship, the mind would have nothing to call upon.

The human body releases it's own musical tones. Our breath releases soft or fast paced tones depending on our stress levels and emotional states, and our heart beat is an incredible rhythm keeper.

Everything is singing and the musical rhythm of life is everywhere.

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The Psychic Energy of Music

Love and Light

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