Monday, 10 February 2014

Love Psychic Readings on Valentine's Day

In my Psychic Reading Blog this week I summarize our main Psychic Reading Editorial about the hype of love psychic readings and love spells.

Valentine's Day has its plus sides, but when it comes to men and women going a bit stir crazy in love relationships Valentine's Day can have a lot to answer for.

Every year around this time just before the 14th of February, the amount of love readings I receive triples. So why does Valentine's Day stir-up so much emotion?

It's all about expectations, and especially those expectations we really want to happen but have not yet come to be. We want to know what our love interest is feeling.

Some of the questions I hear are:
  • Will my boyfriend or girlfriend propose?
  • Can I get my partner to change their mind about committing and make the relationship official?
  • I love my friend and told them. How do they feel about me?

Overly Positive Psychic Readings
If Spirit shows me that everything about your relationship is positive, I will relay that to you and quite often that's exactly what happens. But readings that are just too positive to be true can make people live in hope and not move on in your life. How does an overly positive love reading benefit you if it is fabricated to give you false hope?

It doesn't.

False hope can keep you in an emotional holding pattern forcing you turn on yourself when you wait weeks, months or years for your love interest. Watching from a distance you witness them meeting someone new, get engaged, enter into defacto relationships etc. without even knowing you've been thinking about them.

When you remove the rose-coloured glasses from your eyes and realise the love spells you paid out for are completely useless and that nothing is eventuating the way it was previously guided, you may begin to doubt if any credible clairvoyants exist.

They do and I'm here to share how to find them.

Read the full article here:
Valentine's Day Psychic Readings and Love Spells?

Love and Light

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