Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?

We do not produce the energy that surrounds us - The energy produces us. Scientists are looking for clairsenses in the wrong place...

In my Psychic Reading Editorial this week I look at clairsenses and whether science will ever be able to explain them.

I believe that scientists will one day be able to satisfactorily explain my clairsenses and how they work, but so far their hearts are still not really in it. A recent scientific experiment has shown more about what scientists believe to be true, rather than what is true. They're still getting it wrong and here's why...

Recently there have been some sensational "Sixth Sense" and "ESP" media headlines about a scientific study on visual perception that had nothing to do with parnormal senses.  This is typical example of the media stories: "Researchers dismiss sixth sense - and put their faith in common sense" - The Guardian

The mainstream media stories clearly suggested that a paranormal study of ESP has taken place, and yet the scientific study in question doesn't mention anything about testing a sixth sense or ESP or testing any of the clairsenses. In fact, there is nothing paranormal about the research at all and the study's own conclusions don't pretend that there is.

The study examines how our mind interprets what we see. It deals with normal human senses, mainly vision and the only time the author of the study Dr Piers Howe from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences ever mentions ESP and the sixth sense is afterwards when spruiking his study to journalists.

Was the Study about the sixth senses?
Prof Howe's experiment involved things that people could see, which by definition is not a test of what people can sense without seeing.

Sixth senses or clairsenses are something different, and they can't be scientifically tested in the same way as you test normal senses.

Clairsenses don't come from using your mind to interpret information from your five normal human senses. They come from the energy that surrounds and drives us (consciousness), and they are projected onto your energetic aura, not your mind.

This is why scientific tests that try to understand "psychic" ability by better understanding the way our mind works, are doomed to fail.  Rather than trying to truly understand clairsenses, scientists are trying to disprove their existence.

Read the article in full here...
Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?

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