Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Psychic Reading Questions - Soul Mate and Twin Souls

In this week's Psychic Reading Editorial I address questions concerning Soul Mates and Twin Flames. Is there a perfect love match for every soul and can a love psychic reading help you know if you're in a love relationship or a fleeting connection?

What is a Soul Mate Partnership?
What if your soul connection relationship has more to do with two people being in sync. with each other, than deciding that you would find each other before you incarnated? 

Love Energy Synergy
The energy synergy of two souls is relevant to understanding why people immediately feel a love connection. I can identify how you are energetically drawn towards each other by folding back the veil of love relationships and tuning into individual consciousness.

There is a definite magnetic pull between two people in a love connection, and the heart chakra is the true indicator of a love relationship. Then there is the base chakra that causes a lot of confusion in sexual relationships...

The Base Chakra - The Take-All Chakra
The base chakra is the chakra that takes charge. It is directly related to the sexual juices and sexual attraction and it's the culprit for a lot of relationships that shine brightly and then burn out.

If one person has more base chakra energy activity then the other it will cause a lot of confusion in a sexual relationship. The base chakra calls the shots concerning who you choose to explore a sexual relationship with. If you believe the sexual energy is love energy alone, you might find your expectations are going to be quashed.

Spiritual Definition of Soul Mates or Twin Flames
The spiritual definition of a Soul Mate is, two spiritual souls who have chosen to incarnate at the same time and have a love relationship with each other.

Twin Souls are souls identical in energy field wanting to reconnect when they incarnate on Earth.

Heart Chakra - Love, Love, Love
The heart chakra is a true indicator of a love connection. If the heart chakras are energetically aligned, then and only then are you in a relationship with someone who you might recognize as your soul mate.

One Love, One Consciousness - ONE
Spiritually we are all from the ONE consciousness. Through incarnation we can experience our oneness through others, and our different chakra energies allow many different variations of that experience. We can experience everything from Soul and Twin Soul experiences to no apparent connection at all.

When you understand the direct relationship that energy chakras have in manifesting your true love connection, you begin to realize there's a lot of energy sizzle going on beneath the surface that Mills and Boon romance novels haven't even touched on.

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Soul Mate and Twin Flames - Psychic Reading Questions

Love and Light

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