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Christmas Psychic Reading - Gift Vouchers

To book a Psychic Reading Gift Voucher for Christmas, go to Vine's Booking page. In the Step 1 message section, let us know the name and email of the person the Gift Voucher is for.  In Step 2. select the GIFT VOUCHER reading required from the PayPal Drop-Down list.

'Tis the Season to do my Christmas psychic reading editorial. I am grateful to our Aussie and world online psychic reading clients for your loyal custom.

Reflection on the Year that Was

In 2013 we witnessed how the spiritual channeling from my loving spiritual guardians about the extremes of weather, from climate change, came true. They have been warning about this for many years, but now the need to be more aware of our true influence on the environment has been made very obvious by all of the recent extreme weather events and loss of life. My psychic predictions at the end of 2012 have been proven in 2013. I've had many requests to share more prophecy for 2014.  I'll add more psychic predictions for 2014 when I am spiritually guided to reveal them. Normally I'm guided before the beginning of the year.

Prayers for Remembering Loved Ones we have Lost
For many people, Christmas is a time to remember the loss of family, friends or work colleagues who have passed over. It is difficult to be enthusiastic about Christmas celebrations when our hearts are heavy with grief. Your loved ones in Spirit are aware of your thoughts and will try to offer comfort when you communicate with them in the energy of Stillness. Still your mind and share that you miss them. Spirit is omnipresent and your thoughts are found in the heavens.

Christmas - A Time of Giving without Knowing Who Gave
Many people are struggling to make ends meet and understandably not feeling euphoric about Xmas. This is why I guide that offering your services or donating to a charity or even leaving a gift for your elderly neighbour or the poor where nobody is aware of who was the giver, will bring you much joy.

Spirit is aware of your pure of heart. The real gift of giving is the joy you receive from offering your Oneness love. Try it and see what it feels like to be a Secret Santa. I guarantee your heart will feel so much brighter for doing something special that nobody, but you, knows about it.

Holiday Season Beware of Online Psychic Scams
Sometimes people are unaware that their actions are karmically recorded. Those people who try to scam us are emotionally detached from their highest good, and unfortunately you find a lot of fraudsters and mis-guided sales people in the the psychic sector.  They try to get you to purchase email and SMS psychic readings and a wide range of other fake products like love spells and murky Ouija readings.

It would be fantastic to report that online psychic scams are losing ground, but unfortunately more and more people are trying it on to get you to consider they're a reputable psychic when they are not. You might find they'll up the ante to get your personal details at Christmas time.

Vine Psychic Reading Holiday Season timetable
I'll be taking online PayPal bookings over the holiday season. Check our Twitter Bulletin board where we leave messages for clients and readers. I've already had my holiday break for this year and will be available to help you deal with urgent issues or anything that arises.

The 1902 Psychic Reading Line will also be available on holiday season hours.

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Christmas Psychic Readings and Gratitude to All

Love and Light

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