Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Aussie Psychic Reading Q and A - Facebook and Social Media?

In my psychic reading editorial this week, I answer your questions about Facebook psychics and modern day psychics - are they really psychic at all?

Should I Friend a Psychic on Facebook?
This answer is a categorical NO.
You should not friend psychics on social media.

Rule of Thumb 1... 
Don't befriend psychics like your regular friends, and don't friend psychics on Facebook or be enticed into giving your personal information by offers of free psychic readings.

What Should a Psychic Be Able To Do?
Psychics should be able to demonstrate a range of credible heightened spiritual skills (clairsenses) before being considered credible psychics. You can review my full list of psychic skills here: Vine's Clairsenses

The skills I share are all directly related to the chakras and meridians and the energetic body. You might also notice I don't include counselling, life coaching, hypnosis, or any other manufactured skill masquerading as a spiritual art. 

What if the Psychic is on TV or Famous?
Look past the fame, the glitter, the hype and the business puffery to what is really behind it all.

Rule of Thumb 2...  
It doesn't matter if you're selecting a celebrity psychic, a radio station psychic, an independent psychic who has 20 years experience or a psychic who wrote a best selling book. It doesn't matter if you're selecting a psychic with the most beautiful website or a simple single page website.

If they're trying to convince you to share your personal information before a reading, they're not psychic.

In my editorial I also answer the Questions:

  • Should I Enter Social Media Psychic Competitions?
  • Have the Psychic Arts Changed in Modern Times?
  • Are Life Coaches Doing any Harm when they say they are Psychic?
  • How Do I Know if a Facebook or Twitter Profile is Fake?
  • Should I Share Information with Face-to-Face or Online Psychics?

People calling themselves Facebook psychics are all over the internet, and unfortunately many of them are tainting the original spiritual arts. Be discerning of facebook or social media psychics who need information to replicate real psychic ability. 

Read the full article here: 
Aussie Psychic Reading Question & Answers - Facebook and Social Media

Love and Light

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