Monday, 7 October 2013

Australian Psychic Directory Sabotage - Fake Online Reviews

Astroturfing in Psychic Directories
In my latest psychic blog editorial I write about psychic competitor business sabotage and the unethical practice of astroturfing. This issue applies to every Australian and world online business that is operating in the global community.

My clients in Melbourne and Victoria have been in touch about recent business reviews on True Local online directory. The scathing reviews by unidentifiable individuals don't provide names or when they claim to have had the reading. They have no credibility.

So how is it that an Australian business directory allows individuals to post a review without providing a name or date that they supposedly received the service, or to verify accuracy before they publish their reviews.

It works in the favour of online business directories to allow non-paying businesses to be tarnished by fake reviews. If a business has a free directory listing it stops the paid listings from being found. They want everyone to be a paid listing to have greater market share and to stop legitimate websites from being found.

As we found out, tampering of online reviews is rampant and consumer government authorities around the world are scrutinising their accuracy

How Many Psychic Reviews are Credible?
I've been doing psychic readings for over 30 years and I can share with you that only 1 out of 100 people ever write a psychic testimonial or review.

Statistically that is probably going to mean you might get a psychic review every three to six months - if you are lucky.

This is why fake business psychic reviews stand out to anyone who works in the psychic sector. If you see an online review going up weekly by apparently satisfied customers, that's highlighting something is amiss with the online business and is highly suspect.

Normally two things can be happening. A psychic service is doing their own fake reviews, or a hired reviewer is trying to promote a business by going over the top with customer testimonials. If they use SEO keywords in the psychic testimonial, it reeks of a fake testimonial.

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Australian Psychic Directory Sabotage - Fake Online Reviews

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Online Tarot Reader said...

Thanks for a very informative article. I've seen this done on many occasions, but astroturfing can also be used by competing psychics who are out to negatively affect their competitors' reputations. It happens often in some of the larger phone networks, whom I shall not name, but it does happen. It's an interesting topic that doesn't receive nearly enough attention.