Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Psychic Medium Vine's Spiritual Reconnection with the Daintree Rainforest

Vine Returns to North Queensland

In my latest psychic reading editorial, I share my North Queensland holiday adventures and the spiritual lesson I am learning about ageing.

In my younger years I was spiritually guided to live in the tropics and I resided in the beautiful tropical town of Cairns for a while. On my return, I was expecting to see changes and wow, the town I knew is now a bustling tourist city.

I did enjoy sitting on the Cairns Esplanade, swimming in the public pool and lying under the fig trees.  And I admired the way the Cairns community had stayed true to protecting the ecology of the mudflats, but also making it more tourist-friendly by contrasting the mudflats with the clear blue of the public swimming pool.

I'm sure the locals of the area are aware how important it is not to lose the charm of Cairns, and are endeavouring to keep the unique attractions without allowing developers to destroy its beauty.

As a spiritual sensitive it is important for me to always be around nature to recharge my own life essence by meditating and blending my energies with the spiritual energy of the water and trees, and to go deep into the stillness. My trip North this time was to return to the ley lines of the Daintree Forests and to reconnect to the energy of the trees and elements.

I was being spiritually called back.

Returning to my beloved ley lines to touch base with the spiritual elementals many years after I left, I had to learn to listen to my energetic body as it is going through the change of life.

I had to mellow the adventurous spirit of my youth. Instead of jumping off waterfalls I swam in a billabong in the Mossman River.

My partner and I also paddled in a canoe through the Daintree rainforest on the Mossman River. You can see the serene energy just by viewing the video I'm sharing with you here, to understand how special the energy ley lines are.

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Vine Psychic Returns to North Queensland  Vine's Spiritual Reconnection with the Daintree Rainforest.   

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