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In my latest psychic reading blog, I write about free psychic reading offers and how they are often directly related to suspect global psychic chat rooms, as well as having links to the criminal community.

You can't avoid the free psychic reading offers on social networks. Just go into Twitter you'll find that the large psychic chat line companies have set up hundreds of fake profiles enticing you into having an (apparently) free astrology or love reading.

But some of these enticing offers are highly suspect and can be directly related to criminal organisations.

Why would unscrupulous individuals hide behind the psychic reading sector? 

If you immediately responded they want something from you, you're right!

They want your personal information. Many psychic chat lines are owned by untraceable individuals or businesses.

There are reports of the automatic psychic email reading free offers being traced directly to China, and Russian etc. criminal groups. The ask a question free psychics will get all the information they need to appear to be psychic by your direct questions. Try this out: Get your friend to write three or more psychic questions and then answer them. Give them back to your friend and see what she feels about your answers. You have automatically become an overnight Agony Aunt psychic. Now you see how the fake psychics set themselves up as a live tarot reader etc.

Motive behind Fake Online Psychics

An immediate money transaction might be the motive for some free psychic reading chat and paranormal rooms. But what if your information was being collated onto a database overseas for a more sinister reason. What if the suspect email psychic or love psychic was waiting to attack your computer with a virus or to get you to click a phishing link which allowed them access to get your banking details.

How does your innocent free psychic, love, astrology, email reading make you feel now?

Do you know that these live fake psychics rely upon you seeking out a free psychic reading offer. They know you would prefer something for free than to pay for it.

Credible psychics should be paid a fee for service and it is unrealistic to expect a qualified or professional psychic shouldn't need to earn a living to offer the services you desire. Would you work for nothing if you are highly skilled in the job that you do? Of course not. Stop believing psychics shouldn't earn money for the work they are providing. I pay for staff and pour money back into my spiritual and environmental business for you to find the free articles you read.

The people who try to appear psychic are found on smoke and mirrors of flashy advertisements. They have replicated online live psychic lines because they can see the majority of chatroom psychics are nothing more than counsellors, life coaches and charlatans. They just want in on the action.

Fictional Psychic Names and Stage Props

Why do you always see names like Madame Rosa or God gifted Maria psychics? Don't you think these fictional names are a give away when you are seeking a clairvoyant, or tarot reader?

They should be, if you are taken in by video and live psychic chat rooms as credible psychics you need to step back and review your decisions. 

Even photo psychics are relying upon an entertainment stage prop to help them have a direct rapport. If you watch psychic TV when you send in a photo the psychics will say how lovely you look, or how handsome you are.  They will check out your photo and say something which will automatically get you onside before they begin your reading. Who doesn't want to be complemented. Is it a psychic reading? NO! An attractive male or female will be complimented for their looks, a less attractive person will be told they are caring, loving, a good worker etc.

Hire a Psychic Cheesy Advertisement

The majority of psychics on chat rooms are hired when they respond to cheesy advertisements in online forums like Gumtree or local newspapers. They hire people who have no psychic background or unproven psychic backgrounds. The psychic chatroom will test a psychic out and if they can hold you onto a long drawn out reading and bring in top revenue they will keep the psychic on. If the psychic doesn't perform they don't even get a chance to pick up their cheque before they're out the door. It is a revolving psychic hiring and firing door. 

Hint: Check if a psychic or medium declares they do NLP or similar psychic readings? That's a sign you are dealing with a covert hypnosis life coach. That's not psychic!  Any psychic who cannot readily use natural born clairsenses isn't psychic. That's the truth.

Vine Psychic was spiritually guided to warn the world public about email psychic reading scams and to also educate the public on the goings on of behind the scenes criminal groups and affiliates.

Make no mistake, your personal information is being sought out by unscrupulous individuals who don't really care about your personal welfare, they want you to be an impulse buyer without a second thought about your personal information.

The lovely free psychic or join offers are more than you can possibly realise...

Read the whole article here: Vine Psychic Reading Editorial - Free Psychic Reading Fact Check


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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Above is Australian Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog about online free psychic reading offer scams and how global criminal organizations are directly involved and wanting your private information. This is a must read... 

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