Thursday, 8 August 2013

NLP Psychic Readings? - What's Going On?

This week in my psychic reading editorial I write about:
Why manufactured mind powers, conjuring and hypnosis models are in no way related to the spiritual arts.

Many people using mind-altering techniques like Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) don't believe that Psychics exist, but they do believe in taking advantage of a good marketing opportunity. This has resulted in many practitioners of NLP now calling themselves psychic even though they are not psychic, and NLP has nothing to do with the spiritual arts.

The watering down of the spiritual arts and attempts to spiritualise magical tricks, mind manipulation, life coaching, counselling, conjuring or even hypnosis and mentalism isn't going down well in the angelic realms.

These techniques are in no way connected to the higher realms. People calling themselves mediums and psychics who use life-coaching type courses and similar professional training skills as the core of their business, are misleading the public when they claim to be a psychic authority.

Furthermore, a lot of people who practice these techniques are not aware they are energetically tampering with the person's free will.

NLP claims that it gives a reliable way to understand and influence people and to manipulate one's own behaviour. It has therefore been marketed to, and taken up by professional management trainers, salespeople and now life-coaches and those seeking self-help advice.

The result is that mind altering techniques are now being used in epidemic proportions within the Psychic sector. Now when you reach out to an apparently trusted psychic reader, you may instead be talking to a life-coach using NLP or hypnosis techniques pretending to be psychic.

Read the whole article here:
Psychic Mind Manipulative Powers and NLP - Please Explain

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