Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Vine Psychic Guides - Drug Addiction Energy

In my psychic reading editorial this week I was compelled by the events of the week to write about the energy story of the addictive drug user.

As a huge Glee Fan from the beginning of the show, I was shocked to read of the early death of Cory Monteith who plays the role of Finn.

Many individuals around the world can relate to Cory's story. It is heartbreaking to watch the disease of addiction take young lives and create such suffering for family and friends. 

I want to try to help anyone who is energetically connected to the lure of mind altering drugs, and hopefully give a different take on what is going on beneath the surface of the ethereal field, which influences the emotional body.

What would a psychic know about drugs?
To answer that I will rephrase the question to ask, What does a spiritual sensitive know about your ethereal field?  This allows me to share how the physical body is directly related to the aura.

Ever since I've been able to tune into energy I have come across something that is extremely obvious about the aura. Although it wants to remain in perfect ethereal health, it also displays different energy tones that show ethereal scarring.

Similar to your physical body, the electrical current of the ethereal body can display several forms of energetic scarring. A spiritual sensitive or empath can detect if a client has been injured in the past or has encountered some type of emotional or physical trauma. This isn't a trained skill like neuro linguistic programming (NLP), it is a natural born skill spiritual sensitives call upon.

The way they do this is by energetically scanning the aura. I regularly scan my clients' auras during phone psychic readings. It allows me to detect if there are any out of the ordinary energy health issues that could move towards my client's physical form. I also share these findings with my clients, ensuring at all times I don't provide any type of medical advice.

Someone who is reliant upon drugs can sometimes fit into the mainstream without any problem. They can be scraping for money and living on the streets, or professionally employed and completely normal looking. But to a genuine psychic, a scan of the ethereal field of a drug user shows the truth. A cloudy ethereal field shows a genuine psychic that a drug user is no more in control of their actions than a toddler releasing anger when their body requests nourishment. 

The cloudy and weakened aura can allow discordant energies to have a great deal of control over the user. When we talk of discordant energies we are talking about lower entity energy which takes over when the spiritual being lets down their guard. 

Efforts to manage drug addiction and help drug addicted souls, need a holistic approach and this includes treating the weakened ethereal body as well as chemical imbalances in the physical body...

Read the whole article here: Vine Psychic Guides - Drug Addiction Energy

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