Monday, 15 July 2013

Why Do Teens Self-Harm?

In my psychic reading editorial this week I explain what is energetically occurring to our children when they attack their own bodies with sharp instruments.

Young children find the puberty cycle emotionally confronting. A lot of physical changes are taking place in their body, but are you aware there are also energy changes that stimulate their emotions and influence the way they think?

They have to become accustomed to intense hormonal changes producing extreme emotional highs and lows. When they don't want to communicate you may think they are just coming to terms with the hormonal changes, but dealing with the changes to their energetic body is equally confronting.

Imagine your own teenage experiences taken to the extreme.

Imagine all of these changes inside of you multiplied by 10, but on top of that you also feel disconnected to what is happening to you. You feel the emotions are your enemy as they build up inside of you like steam in a pressure cooker, unable to escape.

You are unable to articulate the emotions because you can't understand what is happening to you. You are so disconnected from your emotions you can't relate to anyone or anything around you. You feel like an alien in your own body.

This is what happens to teenagers who self-harm. Their feelings are off the radar...

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