Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Natural Law of Attraction - Psychic Abuse

Vine's latest psychic reading editorial is about the Abuse of the Law of Attraction.

The original Law of Attraction teachings referred to by indigenous cultures, are not the same teachings being found in best-selling books today. The original laws are about understanding our direct relationship with nature and respecting and honouring this relationship when we live on our planet Earth.

This week in my psychic reading editorial I've written about the abuse of the Natural Law teachings and the dangers of using Ouija Boards, where a lot of the false teaching comes from.

The Dangers of Using Ouija Boards
The guidance I received from my Spiritual Guardians as a young psychic child was that the Ouija board is spiritually dangerous. I am not alone in warning of the dangers of using a spiritual board as a way of contacting the departed. 

Spiritual Free Will
Free Will exists in the higher realms as well as here on Earth, which means your loved ones in Spirit reach out from the higher realms if they want to. You cannot summon a famous departed celebrity like beer on tap, as many celebrity channels say they can. Would you want to be summoned at the drop of the hat into any sleazy environment just because someone beckoned you to their seance?

Why would you think the spiritually departed would come to the seance when they have no direct relationship with anyone there? They don't. Most of these seances are for show and entertainment and they're not real. The energies who do show at these Ouija seances and pretend to be a departed famous identity are from the lower astral realms.

The entities behind the talking boards are not to be trusted and they are partly responsible for misinterpretations of the Natural Laws in recent years.

Indigenous people of the world have been honouring the Natural Laws for thousands of years to live in harmony with the environment and nature, and to walk lightly on the Earth.

In my latest phone psychic reading editorial I compare those original authentic Natural Laws with recently altered Law of Attraction teachings that have little or no concern for the environment and societies in which we live. I draw attention to the dubious nature of some of the best selling Law of Attraction channelled material and where it originated from...

Read the complete Phone Psychic Editorial here:
Psychic Abuse of the Natural Law Teachings

Love and Light

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