Saturday, 4 May 2013

Phone Psychic Readings – Are you Benefiting from Advice?

There isn't much that I haven’t witnessed or experienced over the last 30 years doing psychic readings. I know what you want in a phone psychic reading and what motivates you to call a credible psychic.

I tried to estimate how many calls I've done since I worked on the first Australian psychic line, until now. I had to calculate the number of years working for online phone psychic services before creating my own business, Vine Psychic Readings Line.  I came up with a conservative estimate of 50,000 readings over 20 years.

That’s a lot of phone readings! This is why I believe I can speak with authority on this topic knowing everything about the psychic sector and how it is run.

I believe most online phone customers are being short changed with psychic readings and I’m going to share why.

A phone psychic reading has become a cash cow for online psychic chat services owned by anonymous business owners who are investing thousands of dollars into building up Skype, SMS, email and tarot reading video psychic services.

They hide behind large business corporations and fail to reveal their real identity and why they are a part of the psychic sector.

They use marketing and SEO social engineers to create fictional psychics, fictional independent reviewers and even fictional psychic testimonials by happy clients, and hope you don’t ask too many questions about their services.

You might find they have a marketing or PR firm who has been hired to show the psychic chat service in a good light. Our most recent psychic blog article shared how the latest psychic blog sites recommending the top rated psychics online aren’t even revealing they’re paid commission.

This is a direct conflict of interest.

Why are phone and online video psychic businesses misleading you with these advertising and marketing practices?

That’s a good question to ask because they have to meet the same consumer laws every other business is required to follow. All online businesses must not use false advertising to lure customers like you and I into using their services.

Are you benefiting from the psychic advice of these live psychic services?
Some may say I had a good psychic reading from the psychic chat service, but the majority would declare they’re nothing more than entertainment.

If you are looking for an entertainment psychic and not credible psychic advice then maybe there is no harm being done.

But, if you are truly wanting credible phone psychic advice about love, relationships, career and business to name a few, and finding you are paying to chat with someone then you might need to question the integrity of the way these psychic businesses are operating.

I believe phone psychic readings should be reputable and I know a lot of other credible phone psychics would agree with my comments.

You deserve to be paying for the full range of psychic services the business is advertising and measuring whether the service you're using is delivering what they’re advertising.

You also should be able to leave a customer psychic review and not only find fictional reviews by marketing social network profiles.

These sales tactics and marketing strategies are not revealing the truth to the online buyer.

Live psychic networks have been probably getting away with these types of misleading business practices before we investigated some of the shady side of the industry.

It is up to you as the buyer to decide if you are benefiting from the psychic advice you are paying for. This should be your measuring stick and any other attempts by phone psychic services to sway the buyer by online Twitter or Facebook recommendations, blogs, or reviews should be disregarded.

If you are aware of the business sales strategies to get you to purchase a phone or Skype psychic reading, then you are the one who is greater educated and better informed.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog about measuring whether you are benefiting from using live phone psychic chat and online services. She reveals how the public are being misled about phone psychic, Skype email, tarot and SMS psychic services

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