Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Top Rated Online Psychics – True or False?

Why are marketing companies being paid to recommend psychic networks?

The reason why independent psychic blogs are popping up all over the place is because they are being paid commission to recommend certain live psychic networks.
As a psychic client consumer you are going to find the paid relationship between marketing reviewer and psychic sector isn’t accessible on their psychic blog sites because it’s been tucked away under the legal disclaimer or rights of use policy. These live psychic businesses are owned by Australian and international shareholder companies who believe what you don't know won't hurt you. 

How does that make you feel?

Top rated psychics don’t require a marketing agency to hide behind a Google+ profile to recommend their online psychic services. They will get psychic recommendations online by satisfied customers. This is why the large psychic lines have hired PR SEO experts to build up their SEO search identity.
What you will find with these types of marketing organizations is they hire writers to check other credible online psychic articles and they research what real psychics do and then replicate the same type of online content.

You can immediately recognize they’re writing because they write purely from sales pitch. It is about reviewing the psychic services and writing both the positive and negative aspects of the online psychic business.
The only thing is, one good psychic line always outweighs the competitor site.

For example:
"I booked Vine’s Psychic Readings online and found the two step process was easy to follow. I have used other psychic services and they have a friendly customer representative operator who took down my information and I found this to be most helpful. 

Both psychic services were good in their own way, but my preference would be to use the friendly online psychic customer service because I enjoyed the personal touch."

Now let’s break this down to see what the marketing person is not telling you when they write in this sales writing style:

  1. You are NOT being told the customer service contact can interfere with a real psychic reading because you are providing too much personal information and this is being filtered back to the psychic to appear to be psychic.

  2. As a psychic customer you are being told to have a chat with an online psychic or to book an email reading is a good thing, when in fact reputable spiritual mediums and credible psychics will guide it is the worst thing you can possibly do.

  3. You are being kept completely in the dark that the independent online psychic reviews are a direct conflict of interest because the reviewer is being paid by the psychic network sector to recommend their services.

These types of psychic recommendation review sites are easy to spot because they have a photo profile when you do a Google Search. The majority of photo profiles may be fictional, or names of marketing people whom Google will accept under the rights of use, but it doesn’t make the reviews honest. 

Actually it is misrepresenting the marketing organization because they’re not revealing their direct relationship with the live psychic business and therefore the top rated psychic sites they’re reviewing are not legitimately revealing a direct conflict of interest. 

Google is actually allowing these fake reviews to go ahead of their own Google Places reviews without checking the real identity of the Google+ holder. Companies have to use a different type of Google+ profile and aren't allowed to use false persona's. Which means the marketing organizations are also not following Google guidelines.

There is another thing to be taken into consideration and that is a lot of the live psychic online websites are owned by one large multinational company and they have different business names to confuse the customer.  Or they affiliate with each other to recommend psychic chat and email psychics. If you are told to click links which go to a selection of psychics to choose from you might find the same psychics are working for a sister company. 

Also, if you click the website recommendation you may find a tick box criteria with a variety of psychic networks being compared next to each other. The only thing, you’re not being told, is all the online psychics are owned by the same company. Again, another form of false advertising.

If you take a step back and look at how live psychic businesses will do whatever it takes to appear more relevant than gifted independent psychics it does legally fall under the false advertising category and abuse of international consumer laws.

They simply don’t care if you are being told white lies because it all boils down to you finding their service and booking an online psychic reading above anyone else.

Vine's online Psychic Readings Line is an ethical online psychic business which deliberately avoids any affiliation with live psychic businesses because we want our customers to know we have spiritual integrity. Vine was guided not to join any institutes, associations or organizations and her testimonials are sent in by satisfied customers

Vine’s online psychic recommendations have been built up over 30 years of working in the psychic sector and this is what the large psychic lines can’t contend with when they hire PR marketers to get them found above everyone else.
We believe top rated psychics should be recommended by online psychic customers and not by PR gurus who feel they can pull one over you.

The next time you see the top 10 psychic rated sites with a friendly photo of a woman or man recognize there is a PR SEO person hiding behind the profile and they’re not being honest about their business dealings.

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog about why some marketing companies are not complying with advertising and consumer laws and even deceiving Google+ management when they get paid by the psychic sector. Large online live psychic reading lines are not acting ethically because they have to answer to shareholders and are prepared to abuse consumer laws to be found above everyone else. This is a must read..

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Do you think a marketing company could be successfully sued for misleading online psychic customers? They might think twice about creating false reviews if someone sued them.