Thursday, 9 May 2013

Customer Rated Psychic Reading Reviews, Our Promise to You...

We guarantee that Vine's psychic reading testimonials come from authentic customers, in their own words. Recently it has come to our notice that psychic chat sites are using marketing organizations to recommend their live psychic services and attempting to influence you with so called 'independent reviews'. 

We know a lot of customers are finding that the Google+ author reviews are actually generated by marketing companies who are being paid commission to recommend live psychic chat sites. 

It is another abuse of customer trust by the businesses involved, and they are failing to identify that their brand is being badly damaged by these knee jerk social media responses.

What is a Google+ author tag meant to represent? 

Google believed the author tag would allow their customers to trust content after they received complaint after complaint about spam scraping sites set up for AdWord revenue only. They tried to curb the activity of these black hat SEO sites.

Google believed if they introduced an author tag it would identify the owner of the content, this would then stop bad SEO engineers in their tracks. What has happened is the same perpetrators of SEO manipulation are now using fictional characters under the Google+ profile set up.

They look approachable, trustworthy when you look at their professional smiling photos which identify author content tags. They will share they have used psychic services and believe they can help you find real psychics.

Unfortunately there is direct bias in the psychic sites they're recommending. They seem to direct you to the large live psychic chat sites, failing to declare they have a business relationship with the companies involved.

Therefore the smiling photos on Google+ author tags are nothing more than fake psychic reviews updated by content writers who don't have any credible reputation.

Which marketing companies are engaging in these misleading business practices? 

Well if you click the young ladies photo profiles they'll direct you to the sites they're recommending and legally we can't name them, but the karmic consequences of misleading a customer will come home to roost. 

Just the fact they are using similar types of photo profiles should be a red flag to consumers. Demographically they appear to be young professional women. Which is probably who they're trying to segment. Some look like they are students. 

ACCC Getting Tough on Online Business Competition

The Australian Government Competition and Consumer Commission recently put large and small business on notice about misleading business practices.

The ACCC announced they were going to bring in tighter regulations about online business reviews, because the Australian consumer was being treated with contempt and small business was not having fair competition.

We need to specify to our customers that we do not engage in these practices.

Clients only Psychic Testimonials
Vine's testimonials (reviews) are sent in by satisfied customers who write about their own experiences. Our Administration section places them on our psychic spiritual forum. We will provide a copy of the review to our customers with names blacked out to ensure the integrity of the customer testimonial. This is our promise to you.

We welcome the ACCC investigations into the live psychic sector and encourage them to apply the same rules to overseas multinational companies who knowingly work around Australian consumer protection and business competition laws.

Google also has to accept responsibility for not foreseeing how marketing and social engineering businesses would not play by the rules. It is up to Google to sort this mess out because legitimate online local business reviews are being tainted with the same brush. Online customers have a right to question if any review on Google is accurate?

We categorically state that every psychic testimonial and review displayed on our psychic blog and website is a true account of Vine's psychic readings. Whether other live online psychic services are prepared to do the same thing is up to them...

Love and Light


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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Above is Australian Born Vine Psychic's latest psychic reading blog explaining Google+ author tag content reviews are coming under government scrutiny because of marketing companys misleading social engineering tactics.

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