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Latest Psychic Prediction to Come True - US Presidential Election

Vine accurately predicted the US Presidential Election results - 6 months in advance

On the 29th of April 2012, over 6 months before the election, Vine predicted a win for President Obama.

Back then Vine wrote,
"I see a hand being placed up in front of Mitt Romney which demonstrates all is not well with his hopes of being elected as the next American president.

I am then shown a vision of the current president Mr Barack Obama smiling and seeing his hands up in the air when he is on stage with a group of family members and supporters.

It seems the US public are energetically revealing they wish to remain with the current president and are wanting to give him a second term because his policies are resonating with their ideals about taking the US forward."

It is also interesting to note that Vine used the word "forward" in her prediction posted on her Prediction site on April 29.
According to wikipedia, "On April 30, 2012 the campaign announced that its slogan would be Forward".

This isn't the only election that Vine has accurately predicted in recent times.

Vine predicted that Vladimir Putin would win the Russian elections.
She predicted Putin's win more than a  year before the election and even before Putin announced he was running. Vine actually predicted Putin would announce he was running, and she ended her prediction with, "It is a forgone conclusion Putin will return." She even described the circumstances behind the announcement that Putin would run again.

Vine also predicted that Julia Gillard would win the last Australian Elections.

 As usual, Vine gave a great deal of detail about the nature of the elections. She predicted that "The Australian election is going to be on a knife's edge", and she predicted that "The Greens will have a lot of support..." and that "The Labor party will win the federal election and will be told in no uncertain terms that this time they must do more about protecting the environment."

All of this came true. Australia had a hung parliament requiring the support of independents and the Greens.  They stressed the importance of addressing environmental problems in return for their support for Julia Gilliard .

Finally, Vine accurately predicted the Republican candidate 'Mitt Romney' to run against President Obama in the November 2012 United States elections without having any prior knowledge who the Republican Senators or candidates were. Therefore in Vine's premonitions she describes in the best detail possible the remote visions she's being shown as she energetically draws the memory back from the Akashic Record. 

"Spirit is showing me a vision of President Obama showing signs of frustration and I see a Caucasian man with light skin, grey hair and of good posture growing in popularity because he has the ability to articulate himself well"... The only man who stood in good posture was Mitt Romney. All the Republican black-American and female candidates at the time pulled out of the race.  Vine had no idea who Mitt Romney was at the time she did her psychic prediction.

As usual, both of Vine's predictions about the US Elections contained a great deal of extra information about surrounding events. For instance, in her 31st of December 2011 prediction concerning the US election, Vine referred to climate change and Earth changes playing a part when she wrote, "No matter what your thoughts are about the 2012 earth changes, there are definitely changes afoot for the world economies and the US may be dragged kicking and screaming into the changes..."

There was very little mention about climate change in the run up to the US elections until Hurricane Sandy came along and dragged the campaigns kicking and screaming into the subject of climate change.

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