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Twitter Psychics - Who Are You Really Following?

@Angel_Girl, Yes Angelica you can contact me for a tarot psychic reading at any time.

@PsychicAngelia, Oh great. Do you have any of those tarot gift cards available I want to purchase them before Christmas?

Does the engineering of this social media interaction between customer and psychic seem professional and make you feel warm inside?

What about this one:
@MelbournePsychic I am offering one free psychic reading for $22 in the next hour. RT me and go into the draw to win a free tarot reading.

RT @melbournepsychic I would like to enter the draw to win a free tarot reading what do I need to do?

@StKildaRed That's great. Just RT my psychic services to 10 of your followers and you will receive 1 question free.

Let's stop this wonderful interaction between psychic and customer and pull back the veil to reveal the tricks that some psychic chat sites are engaging in.

We have created these pseudonyms to help you understand the next part of our article. They have been made up at time of print and don’t exist in real life.

Our fake @AngelGirl is one of the many Twitter accounts that are being set up to impersonate real people like you and me.  

The SEO social management that create these accounts are spitting out thousands of fake profiles. They have decided they want to promote @psychicAngelica's Christmas gift vouchers and are engaging in a false conversation between themselves. The company is managing the Twitter business account and the fake profiles talking to it.

The same with the @MelbournePsychic reading offer between @melbournepsychic and @StKildaRed this is another fake account being set up by the owners of an Australian psychic chat service.

They have deliberately followed your Twitter account.

Because they seemed likeable you decided to follow them back.  

What you didn't know was they previously created lists of people who write about Melbourne. You innocently updated particular sporting tweets about the Aussie Rules Football, and used the #Melbourne hash tag some months ahead and hey presto you became one of the thousands of accounts they selected to prompt you to use the psychic businesses services.

Therefore the friendly girl who regularly comes in and comments on your tweets isn't a girl at all.  She is a man from India befriending you because the company he works for is being paid to bring in new customers for the psychic business they are promoting.

Now how do you feel about someone impersonating a women or a man and following you on your Twitter account simply because you meet the demographic makeup they were looking for?

The psychic company has entered into these types of business relationships knowing full well they are misleading their customers and believing it is perfectly acceptable to attract new customers this way.

The social managers in India and Pakistan and the United Kingdom and the United States are openly creating "follow me back" accounts. They are being hired by businesses all over the world to use these type of unlawful practices.

Have no doubt they are unlawful because in Australia the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC has publicly declared any information found on social media that misleads the public will be investigated under the current legislative framework. Australian businesses know they must comply with all consumer and business laws. Live psychic chat and tarot sites also need to comply with these policies.

So why are online phone and video psychic chat businesses engaging in the above mentioned type of misleading social media practices?

Good question.
And one only they can really answer.

I’m sure you have your own ideas. Most businesses do the right thing and don't use misleading advertising. Vine's Psychic Readings is an Australian owned business that conducts our interactions with our clients in a professional manner. However, there are some Australian and world psychic businesses that aren't all that they seem.

What cyber protections can you put in place to avoid being singled out by online psychic chat sites or independent psychics? Hopefully the information we provide will help you discover if a psychic business is being upfront or playing dirty. 

Here are our following recommendations:
1. Make sure your online social media privacy is up to date and online psychics, tarot readers and zodiac companies can't access your personal information.

2. Check the profiles of the people you follow and have conversations with to see if their tweet behavior is out of character than normal social tweets. They will try to look normal, but when you see little follow back and thousands of tweets you can immediately assume this is a SEO or social media management profile.

3. Some astrology, zodiac and psychic chat sites are sending direct messages (DMs) to your Twitter accounts to get you to click on their 'free psychic question' offers.

We cannot stress enough, be careful of clicking phishing links. Spam bots are prevalent on Twitter and the criminal element is behind many Zodiac, psychic and free star sign offers hoping you will click a tainted link.  Twitter is in a legal battle trying to stop the bots from destroying social networks and it is up to you to be street smart and not click any free psychic offer on social networks.

Social media is a great way of communicating with your friends but it is also being strategically targeted by sales people, affiliate networks and the criminal element to fool you into clicking their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Christmas is going to bring more and more of these fake profiles out to test their luck. Since 2007 Vine's Psychic Readings has been actively involved in educating Australian and world consumers about the latest psychic scams and helping our readers to understand some of the ways they set up shop.

Fraudulent psychics are becoming more sophisticated and the people who are behind these types of fake profiles and scams want your personal information and will stop at nothing to get to a new audience.

We know it is important to find helpful fact sheets and articles that are clear and concise and allow you to be empowered in your social media interactions.

This is a heads up to be more aware of who you friend and engage with on Twitter and Facebook.

Don't allow your Twitter account to be hacked or be enticed to click links to suspect websites that are patiently waiting for people to fall for their online traps.

Most importantly be careful of Retweeting your star sign or horoscope to your followers, or you might find you receive a direct message Christmas gift that isn’t full of good cheer.

Love and Light

To help you identify automatic spam bots we have done a mock tweet. This is what you need to be on the lookout for.

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We recommend you sign up for the latest cyber warnings on the Department of Broadband and Digital Economies website. Download the cybersafety help button onto your mobile or computer.  

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's warning about Twitter Psychics, Star Sign and Zodiac Twitter Sites...Are you aware of the dangers of who you friend on Facebook and Twitter?

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