Friday, 2 November 2012

Latest 2012 Psychic Prediction Coming True - Earth Changes & World Economies

Vine's latest psychic reading blog - 2012 Strong Wind Gales Over Oceans

Australian Vine Predicted

Predicted 24th January 2012

"..I was spiritually guided that energy pulses are now intensifying and pulling on the Earth's magnetic field....." 

"..In particular these strong tugging pulses could disrupt our every day lives and create weather patterns resulting in strong wind gales affecting the oceans around the world....."


Australian Vine Predicted

Predicted 22nd November 2011

"..What's it going to take to get world leaders, the financial sector and economists to understand the crucial times we are now living in?"

"..Spiritually a lot I'm being guided. The denial veil is about to be lifted as the intense changing environmental challenges are upon us in 2012..."

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The Australian and world public are now aware what a super storm looks like. The tragic loss of life and human suffering of Hurricane Sandy has shocked us all. Countries around the globe are now dealing with the aftermath of helping the bereaved and wounded and assisting the local people who have lost their homes and businesses. 

What Hurricane Sandy highlighted is climate change is here right now! If you have followed any of Vine's earlier spiritual predictions she has been warning as a world community the world leaders are not economically prepared for what is to come. 

Anyone who follows Vine's psychic predictions is going to be absolutely amazed by the accuracy of these two predictions. She genuinely can provide real premonitions that help the people of the world understand the times we are living in. Vine is an Earth Seer, someone who is able to tune into the subtle vibrations of the planet and channel the higher realm to see the next major political or world event that is relevant to our lives. She is incredible.

Vine's psychic predictions provide real value to her Australian and world followers because they prove genuine psychics can foretell the future and show the Akashic Record can be accessed by gifted spiritual mediums and lightworkers.

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's 2012 spiritual psychic prediction about the vision she was shown about Mitt Romney hitting tough times in the US presidential elections... 

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