Monday, 15 October 2012

The Power of We - The Oneness Enlighteners

Oh beauty I am, and oh light I am. I am One with all and I resonate with the knowing that all energies on our planet are my voice and my breath.

This is the word of Spirit, and I believe it.

I can imagine a world where everyone knows that to harm someone else is to harm yourself, and to help someone else is to help yourself. A world where everyone knows that coming together in the spirit of Oneness with a common goal of bringing about positive change, is how we make that change happen.

This is what is meant by the ‘Power of We’ and this power is bringing an ever increasing number of Oneness-conscious people together to enforce change right now. Spirit calls these people Oneness Enlighteners. They are the ones that can see the way to a different world, and they show the way to others.

Oneness Enlighteners imagine everyone living in harmony with enough resources for all. Resources sustainably gathered and created.

No need for wars, no famine, no man made climate change. A world where everyone has the right to live in peace and to follow their passion, where the economy and banks are structured around valuing nature and self sustainability, instead of ever increasing unsustainable growth and greed and the destruction of the environment that sustains us.

As John Lennon sang, “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you will join us and the world will live as One”.

John Lennon revealed how our world could be if we all combined our energy together to bring about this change, like the environmental warriors who show the way to a better world. The men and women who know that without nature being in balance, our eco-systems and elements will die.

They are the Oneness Enlighteners.

They are the ones that tie themselves to trees and lie in front of bulldozers. They chase the boats that chase the whales and they fight to protect the Arctic and endangered land and sea. They buy the companies that rape the land, and then close them down. They spend their whole life battling bureaucracy in order to design and build environmentally sustainable houses from garbage. They put solar power on their roof. They install a water tank. They walk instead of driving. They don’t vote for unenlightened souls.

They are the humanitarians who shy away from large celebrity charity balls and instead they donate their time and money without fanfare or acclaim.

They are the enlighteners who help people recover from grief and pain and offer comfort and security when they see someone in need.

They are the many people around the world who have dedicated their lives to helping the less fortunate. They open orphanages for children who have lost their parents. They work tirelessly to raise funding and make many sacrifices in their lives to do the work they do.

To all of these people I salute you. You have shown that when people come together for the greater good you can create a new world.

The vision I share about creating a world where people live in harmony is achievable. Nature can be saved if we stop relying so heavily on her resources and begin to find sustainable ways to create energy using the sun, water, earth and air.

The more spiritually and environmentally aware and responsible we are, the more connected and whole we become. Therefore able to remove fear from our everyday lives and fulfill our greatest potentials.

This is the word of Spirit, and I believe it.

Love and Light,

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Vine is proud to be apart of Blog Action Day  and to share our voice to raise awareness about all of the amazing people around the world who dedicate their lives to help the less fortunate and our environment. We salute you!


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