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Twitter & Facebook Used For Psychic Scams by Criminals

Are you friending sales affiliates and criminals posing as psychics?

Nobody is safe when it comes to fraudulent psychics. Your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account are all being circled by sales affiliates and criminals.

Fake psychics have to find a way of attracting new customers and they go to where the people are. That's why you are seeing a lot of free psychic reading offers on Facebook and Twitter from Australian and world psychic readers.

You need to be 100% sure which psychics you're friending and stop your private information being shared with psychics you don't really know.

Most importantly you need to stop your personal information being shared with your regular psychic reader.

Let's create an example scenario about a meet and greet psychic in Brisbane:

A psychic advertises in a local newspaper about a special free talk they are doing at a Brisbane venue in Australia. They befriend all who arrive and ask people to friend them on their Facebook account.

They share they're going to offer free psychic readings once a week.

Free Psychic Reading Trap

When you see their Facebook feed, free psychic offer, the psychic asks you to detail why you want a psychic reading.

You are asked to provide information about what is going on in your life and then the spiritual medium will give you angelic guidance from their spiritual guides to help you deal with your current situation.

Okay, hands up if you can identify why you need to be careful about a psychic friending you on Facebook and requesting information about your circumstances?

Who got it right?

If you questioned why a psychic needed your personal information before they did a free reading you would be right.

What about the fact you are allowing the psychic or spiritual medium to access your personal information to see your latest photos, your friends and what you are writing about in your life?

Do you think this is a little odd that a psychic is able to access all of your personal details?

Hopefully you answered yes.

Now why are so many of you friending psychics, mediums, clairvoyants on Facebook and Twitter. At least on Twitter you can make your profile private, but with Facebook they keep changing the privacy settings all the time and you have to opt in to tell which people you want to share your information with.

Do you regularly check your privacy settings when you update a photo or tag a friends profile?

I could take a guess and suggest maybe some of you do, but the majority of people who have friended a psychic wouldn't remember they can get access to all of your personal details.

Now why is this something that you should think about?

A lot of online psychic readers are sales affiliates from a variety of business backgrounds.

They are unable to provide genuine proof of psychic ability without knowing your personal information.

If you have to tell a psychic why you want a reading on Facebook then something is terribly amiss.

The same with a phone psychic reading. If a psychic asks so many questions why you want a reading and tries to get you to reveal a lot of personal information, you aren't having a credible spiritual reading.

A reputable spiritual medium would not want to know anything about your current circumstances at the start of your reading.

If they are truly psychic they will be able to tap into information without you sharing anything.

Remember you're paying for someone to reveal personal information about your life because they claim to be a gifted and an accurate psychic.

Now I'm going to warn you about something you might not have even considered when it comes to friending or following a psychic reader on your social network.

Because you are friending psychics on Facebook a lot of overseas online scams are seeing a way to get to you, and obtain your personal information.

These are not the run of your mill entertainment psychics, they are the nasty guns, the one's who want your banking information and your personal details for identity theft. They can easily create a fake psychic profile on Twitter and Facebook and direct you to phishing sites that place a computer virus or spyware on your computer.

Guess what, they are rampant and doing it as I write this new psychic blog article. Your past online behaviour of friending a psychic is giving them ample opportunity to disguise themselves as a loving, considerate and good psychic. They check what a psychic profile looks like and create something similar.

Criminals can create psychic websites. They can use false photographs and they are highly sophisticated when it comes to finding new victims to steal your money and identify. They are rampant on Twitter and Facebook now.

Facebook is trying to get users to changeover to Facebook email accounts and Twitter has a report phishing and spam section because over 70 percent of online profiles are fake. That's right. I'm not exaggerating when I share with you that I was spiritually guided nearly 70% of online business profiles are fake. As soon as the get rich quick spam businesses are identified they go and create another profile.

Cyber World - Why You Have to Get Up to Speed

You are now communicating in a different cyber world and if you don't take your personal safety and privacy details seriously, then criminals or fake psychic will take advantage of that.

What can you do about it?

  1. Stop any psychic from friending you on Facebook. Immediately remove all friend's psychic Mind Body Spirit profiles if you converse with them regularly. We recently closed our Facebook account and closely monitor followers on Twitter and Google+. I'm guided spiritually that Facebook isn't capable of managing the amount of scams that are going to hit in cyberspace soon.

  2. Change your privacy settings on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter to friends only and immediately stop online psychics from knowing your personal information.

  3. Don't click online websites from Facebook and Twitter before thoroughly searching their business reputation on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  4. Type in the domain business address in Twitter and see if multiple accounts come up for the same business or psychic.

  5. Don't click links that are not from a genuine website (do step 4 before clicking). Twitter will normally bring up a warning for phishing accounts.

  6. Report any unusual Twitter accounts to the Twitter spam and management section. Do the same for Google+ and Facebook etc.

  7. Don't believe recommendation sites. A lot of psychics are falsely recommending their own services by having multiple fake Twitter and Facebook accounts. They do this to build up false reputation. They also update fake psychic reviews etc.

  8. Now this is simple, don't tell an online psychic why you need a reading. If they can coerce private information out of you, they can definitely up-sell money making schemes, flog off spells, hypnotherapy tapes etc.

Now take a deep breath and resonate with all of the information I've provided about the fraudsters and charlatans online. How do your online user habits allow them to get traction in the psychic or mind body spirit field?

If you believe what I've shared with you is important and relevant, follow the tips provided. We're living in a changing E-commerce world and you need to take responsibility for the information you are updating on your Twitter account and Facebook account etc.

If you have read any of my psychic background you will know that I was guided over 20 years ago to be found online to help people find a real spiritual medium (commonly known as a psychic).

In 2007 I was spiritually guided that I needed to educate people on how to find decent spiritual sensitives. Every time I'm given a psychic prediction about fake psychic services and scams I share them with you.

Spirit cares about the psychic arts and helping people find genuine light workers. You have to stop fake psychics and sales people getting a foot in and do your part to stop them getting in contact with you on your social networks.

We can all be apart of the same spiritual family, it doesn't mean the behavior of people separated from the highest good should be ignored. Be discerning and follow your gut instincts when it comes to sourcing credible psychics.

Love and Light


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