Wednesday, 4 July 2012

OMG! - Is the Higgs Boson Particle Going to Prove Real Psychic Mediums Like Vine Exist?

OMG - The God particle could confirm that real psychic mediums exist

The biggest spiritual world news story is being covered on our psychic readings blog today. Do you know what it is? The God particle is closer than ever to being confirmed as existing. Leading Australian Spiritual Medium Vine has always had an innate understanding of the God Particle and the mass that makes us heavier than the weightlessness of our pure energy form. Vine taps into this understanding when she does her breath readings.

She has previously shared in her spiritual videos that our planet is a living breathing spiritual essence. Scientists can now discover the role of the 'God particle' in the process of life on this planet (scientifically referred to as the Higgs boson particle).

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may confirm what many scientists have long theorised - there is a 'God particle'.

Unanswered questions about science and spiritual energy that have been an issue of contention may be coming to a new awareness. This is what Vine shared in her 2012 psychic prediction when she revealed we are about to enter the time of spiritual awakening. She describes this as the Oneness Awakening.

The 'God particle' discovery doesn't come as a shock to Vine. She has been sharing how she was guided as a child that new science discoveries about the human gene would be groundbreaking. If you had a chance to talk to Vine about cellular structures she would share with you that we are only on the tip of the iceberg of understanding about the 'God particle'.

She is of the belief that when quantum physics delves deeper into the role of the 'God particle, it will teach us about our real energy capabilities and also bring the science and spiritual communities together.

Scientists say that the 'God particle' gives lightness its 'being' and the heaviness of mass. Vine knows that scientists will also discover that the particle works both ways. Because the 'God particle' also allows Vine to move past the heaviness of your being, directly back to the light of your own energetic essence and to draw back your own aura's spiritual imprint.

Refer to Vine's interactive psychic reading web page where she describes the link between all energy as being interconnected to our cellular structure. The cellular structure is what Vine describes as the Akashic cell (oneness cell).

Now that scientists may begin to understand why particles have mass, it could also assist quantum physicists to understand the higher vibrational frequencies that genuine spiritual mediums tune into.

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