Sunday, 29 July 2012

Selecting a Reputable Psychic: Best Practices

Leading Australian Psychic Medium Vine's Best Practices Reading Tips

Following are some top tips to help you find the right psychic for your individual needs. We hope this will help you no matter whether you are seeking a tarot reader or a professional spiritual medium.

Priority 1. Check the Credentials of a Psychic or Psychic Business

If you walk away with one tip, this is it.

By checking the reputation of the psychic or business you can find out a lot of useful information:

  1. How old is the psychic or spiritual medium?
  2. How many years have they been working in the psychic field? (hint: age & experience should match).
  3. Can you verify this information anywhere? Go back 5 years or more and check the history of the psychic. Do an archive search on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  4. Are they well known in their local area or State?
  5. Are there genuine psychic reviews available? (not all review sites are reputable, you need to do your research)
  6. Are the reviews updated within days or weeks of each other similar to EBay? (do you know the date of the customer testimonials or are they all scrambled together?)
  7. Do they openly declare you can verify the information, or provide statutory declarations declaring their testimonials are true? Reputable psychic mediums and spiritual psychics do operate their business ethically and provide proof of psychic ability.
A lot of online psychics try to falsely present as reputable psychics by fabricating their backgrounds.

They mislead their customers by creating false backgrounds to compete with professional psychics because they want to be found first on the search engines. Affiliate and criminal psychic networks are renowned for faking their backgrounds.

If you desire an accurate psychic reading blogger readers, look past all of the advertising and marketing spin and do your own research.

This way you will not become a victim of an email psychic reading scam or receive spam emails trying to sell products you neither want or desire.

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