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Paranormal Experiences - Why do you attract them?

Today in my psychic blog I'm going to write about paranormal experiences and particularly about attracting strange encounters towards you. I've had so many spiritual experiences in my life and can discuss this subject as an authority on the topic.

I'm guided it is important to write about a wide range of psychic and paranormal topics and not to always concentrate on the angelic realms. Failing to discuss the lower astral energies doesn't stop them from existing. We live in a world that reflects polarity and this is what occurs in the higher and lower astral planes as well.

Spiritually I'm being guided to write about a true-life case study about a young woman who was influenced by a charismatic psychic teacher. He coerced her into using hypnotherapy products. This then attracted paranormal experiences towards her.

A lot of people are unaware how your auric vibrational frequency can immediately direct paranormal experiences towards you. If you open yourself up too much and lighten your energy it will immediately bring a wide range of spiritual encounters that can appear confronting and sometimes downright frightening.

Let me share what I mean in a way that you can all follow:

Your aura is interconnected to energy chakras and meridians that influence your emotional reactions and peace of mind. Similar to the human body having physical organs, your chakras are the energy organs.

If something alters in your emotional body it can result in one or more of your chakras changing its frequency. High anxiety can be a trigger point to altering the chakras energy response. So can emotional trauma and suffering from depression. A lot of people when they are in a depressed state will alter their vibration and it will become a heavier dense frequency.

Why do frequency changes in your aura attract paranormal experiences towards you?

If you unknowingly open your chakras you will find other subtle energies will be attracted to your energy. To explain this in a detailed way will take awhile and I cover this topic extensively in my new book. For this blog piece I only want to keep it simple, so therefore I'm not going to go into too much depth right now.

I'll use an example of someone who is in a depressed state of mind:

We will call her Kim, and that way it will be easy to follow.

Kim has joined a Melbourne Meet Up Group with a lot of entrepreneurs who want to earn money from selling online. She meets a man who appears to be quite knowledgeable and charismatic and she immediately falls under his charm. She shares she suffers from high anxiety and he suggests she buy some hypnotherapy tapes from his website. Little does Kim know that her Melbourne entrepreneur (new friend) is using hypnotherapy on her as he is talking to her? She starts to use the tapes he offers and begins to feel funny. Her sleep patterns are altered and Kim begins to find herself having a wide range of paranormal experiences that she is ill equipped to manage.

She is excited about the experiences but also frightened by them. She contacts me on my phone psychic readings service to discuss some of the visions she is being shown and I immediately sense one of her chakras is too wide open. She is like a saturated sponge walking around and sending a dense signal out to the lower astral plane. They are immediately attracted to changes in her vibrational aura and know she is an open vessel. Instead of being in control of her auric field, she is thrown in the deep end and searching for answers.

This is what I would guide my new client to do to manage this situation.

First I would tune into her aura using my spiritual breath technique to scan her auric body and identify which chakras are too open.

Next, I would give her spiritual tools to manage her paranormal experiences and also discuss the power of prayer. I would find out whether she knew that light could be penetrated without also using the spiritual intent of prayer for protection. I would help her get her aura back into balance.

I would then spiritually be guided to share she is being taken advantage of on an emotional level. I would share she needs to address this straight away.

Nobody has the right to interfere with your auric body and sometimes-young women and men can find out the hard way that some charismatic spiritual teachers are not what they seem.

A lot of people who do short courses, buy psychic Ecourses, or altered Reiki courses can find themselves outside of their spiritual depth when it comes to paranormal events. It is something I have already covered in other blog articles. You have to sift the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding the right spiritual teacher and identify if they are a salesperson or a genuine medium.

As much as we might want to believe that everything about the spiritual is pure and light, we also have to address the in-between energies. Some spiritual teachers are not coming from a good spiritual place. A lot of time spiritual teachers are coming from the ego and are heavily influenced by wealth creation techniques as a way of operating a spiritual business.

There is light and dark in our business economies and this also occurs in the astral planes. If you are an open vessel you can attract a variety of energies towards you.

It is up to you to manage your auric field and to be discerning of energy manipulators. These are people who use hypnosis to influence your way of thinking. Someone who does a short hypnosis course and then joins a group to attract people towards them for personal gain isn't coming from a high spiritual place. A lot of Affinity schemers are known to look for new victims in these type of settings. Unfortunately the lovely person you're meeting in your writing course or spiritual workshop might be looking for people to join their money making schemes. They also might be using 'hypnosis talk' to get you to fall under their selling spell. Be careful.

You have free will and personal choice in every decision you make. If someone is appearing too charming and your inner voice is guiding you to be cautious - don't ignore the warning. Are you being hypnotized to improve your psychic ability? Ask yourself why a spiritual teacher needs to use hypnosis.

Hypnosis and psychic skills are not related. Find out if genuine psychic mediums who are born with natural heightened ability ever used hypnosis to be a medium?

The answer is no, they didn't. This is just another income stream for psychics and amateur hypnotherapists to peddle off to unsuspecting customers.

Hypnotherapy should be used in the way it was intended. By professional hypnotherapists who follow medical standards of use. It has been abused by a variety of people and businesses since people began doing past life regression. Hypnosis abuse is more obvious when you go online to find psychic businesses selling Epsychic hypnosis courses etc. It has been altered to bring another income stream for a psychic or affiliate sales business.

Remember: Be discerning of people who frequent meetup groups, sporting clubs, to sell their psychic products.

Your spiritual aura is sacred and it is up to you to look after your spiritual health. You can buy a psychic spell on EBay, or a psychic website for $15.00, and be drawn into the seedy side of the psychic industry. Or you can take a deep breath and realize you deserve better and move away from psychics, or psychic services that don't look after your spiritual well being.

If you find yourself dealing with strange paranormal encounters after using hypnosis tapes or a Ouija board you need to immediately confront how these experiences came about. There is a way of identifying what triggered your aura to alter its frequency. All in all it is a spiritual learning, but an unnecessary one if you are frightened out of your wits by paranormal encounters and the lower astral planes.

Love and Light

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