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Psychic Vampires - Everything You Need to Know

Psychic Blog Topic on Psychic Vampires and How They Make You Feel

Are you a psychic vampire or do you know someone who is a psychic vampire? Blogger readers let's look at this psychic and metaphysical topic today in depth on my psychic reading blog.

An Irish reader asked me to write about this topic and to describe some of the symptoms or effects people can feel when they are around someone who makes them feel uneasy, drained and exhausted from being in their close proximity.

What is a psychic vampire?

I'm going to share what I know about dense energy web spinners and not entertain some of the marketing tactics by Mind Body Spirit psychics and gypsy psychics. They try to tell you that you need to block negative energy by using spells. They entice you to buy their protection and hex removal spells.

Spiritually speaking that is all a marketing ploy created by clever salesmen and saleswomen and affiliates to get you to purchase an unknown product that may only have a placebo effect to make you believe you have cured a fake curse.

In truth being energetically drained doesn't require witches potions or concoctions to get you back on track. You can tune into your own inner spiritual voice and identify what you need to do to take back control of the situation.

A psychic vampire is someone who radiates a vibration of woe. They always have something going on in their life that makes you feel as though you are going through a dark tunnel with them. They're not centered in their energy field and hold a lot of fear and uncertainty around their chakras, which they refuse to let go of. Spiritually when I tune into a person who is labeled a psychic vampire I find several things are occurring and they’re not without cause.

The person who is radiating negativity is used to feeling the way they do and have somehow befriended their auric field as something they know. They are controlled by desires and feel powerless to change their situation and sometimes will blame their bad luck on everything around them and fail to take personal responsibility for their own issues.

How Spirit Helps

When my Spiritual guardians use me as a psychic medium to relay guidance they don't dance around my clients problems. They guide my clients they have to stop attracting negative energy by making different life choices. The angelic realms will offer guidance to empower my clients to be more in charge of their life.

Sometimes I will be shown spiritual visions of laziness and lackluster energy when it comes to my client being motivated to do something with their life. Other visions are of my clients competing with their friends to have a greater sense of authority and power. They use manipulation tactics to get what they want and yet feel emotionally void. The euphoric high runs out after they lose their friends and family members because they have exhausted them by their previous antics and tales of woes. Let's not confuse a person who is going through a bad patch as being someone who is toxic. If someone is ill or injured they are going to feel down and require a sense of nurturing - don't lumber these people into the same category as a woe weaver (energetic vampire).

The Symptoms and Feelings

Spiritually psychic vampires exhaust those around them and make them feel uneasy. A person around a psychic vampire will look for the nearest escape route to run away from them. A lot of people will feel like their environment is polluted by a heavy energy that they can't really explain. This energy can be similar to what mediums feel when they go into haunted houses and buildings. It is unsettling because it is a dense frequency. It is immediately picked up by people who are sensitive and sometimes you might hear someone say to a friend when I am around that person I just get a really strong feeling to step away from them. That is the dense frequency that is labeled dark energy.

Spirit Never Gives Up

Spirit never gives up on a person who radiates a lot of negative energy. They know a spiritual cleansing can perk up their energy field and give them a vibrant sheen. I have witnessed my customers communicating with their loved ones in spirit who go directly to the cause of their situation. The spiritually departed family guide will share with them they need to tidy up their act.

This is similar to a Near Death Experience where you are guided to view your own life choices by looking at the Akashic Record of your life. You review whether you need to return back to the earth plane because you haven't worked through your life lessons.

Spirit doesn't always have to be waiting for you at the pearly gates to communicate with you. They use talented psychic mediums and lightworkers who are spiritually equipped to tune into a variety of emotional and psychic energies to help our clients get more clarity in their life.

Never give up on a psychic vampire because they have lost their way. You just need to place yourself in a place of prayer and love when they share their tales of woe and protect your own energy field. Sometimes you might be able to break through their negativity by owning your own energy and speaking your truth and letting them know they need to take personal responsibility for their own life and you are not there to save them.

They Can Change

I can assure you there are a lot of grateful customers I have previously done psychic medium readings for who communicated with their loved ones in Spirit who gave them a spiritual reality check. I have seen men and women use the loving guidance offered from the angelic realms to brush themselves down and pick themselves up and get their life back on track.

If you are reinforcing negative patterns and failing to accept responsibility about your life choices, then ask yourself how is this serving you? If you are continually supporting a friend or family member who refuses to get their life in order without speaking your truth how is that helping them? You might be the light bulb moment the psychic vampire needs to hear to get them to wake up from their life of woe and take back the controls of their life again.

We are all spiritual consciousness and we can change the frequency of our auras to live a life that is fulfilling and joyful. It only requires a moment of truth to lift the veil and show the reality of our situation to get us to all to spiritually see again. Psychic vampires can become spiritual beacons of love if you shine the light back onto them.

Love and Light

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