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Psychic Medium Vine - Client Remembrance

Vine shares a touching tribute about a deceased Melbourne client

I am going to leave a remembrance today on my psychic blog for a deceased client from Melbourne Australia. She died of cancer last year at a young age but her story is inspirational for anyone dealing with a terminal illness or grieving the loss of someone who recently lost the cancer battle.

I went onto my Facebook page today and saw a deceased client of mine smiling back at me because someone had recently updated a post writing how much they miss her. The way she lived her life to the full is something we can all learn from. However, the way she accepted she was dying from cancer and stayed upbeat and enjoyed the last breath of life on earth is inspirational.

I am not going to disclose my clients name because I work under the Universal Laws and will reveal credible psychics don't write tell-all books about their customer’s private conversations - especially after they have died. Reputable psychics and mediums work under similar spiritual laws as medical practitioners and priests - we are required to keep our clients confidences and their anonymity to ourselves.

I will call her Faith because that's what my deceased client showed all the way throughout her life when she battled cancer. Faith first contacted me on my psychic line in Melbourne in 2007 for a psychic reading. She didn't share anything about her background and asked me for a general reading. Faith realized I was a spiritual medical intuitive when I tuned into her aura and identified there was a different vibration around her breast area.

I had scanned her ethereal body after she had followed my breath technique and immediately sensed an energetic scarring which radiated a different vibration frequency. I requested confirmation of my findings and she shared with me that I was right and told me she had a mastectomy to stop the cancer from attacking the rest of her body.

I don't normally remember my client’s readings because sometimes they only contact me once or twice and that's all they require. Some of my other clients like Faith become regular clients because they have more special spiritual needs.

Her bubbly voice is something that I fondly remember because it was from the heart. Faith had the ability to turn a psychic reading into a joyful occasion. She knew there was a higher power and she regularly contacted me to seek guidance from the higher realms.

Faith was a mother of two teenage children, a daughter of Greek parents who lived in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne Australia. Most of all she was a vivacious and sexy woman who never allowed cancer to get to her. She would laugh about the way she had to overcome the fear of having an intimate relationship without her breast and describe she would wear sexy lingerie and just forget about it. She would have me in fits of laughter as she regularly talked to her spiritual family.

She had experienced a near escape with cancer and she wasn't going to spend one single moment missing out on life. She treated her taste buds to every exotic flavor or scrumptious meal that all the city and local suburban restaurants in Melbourne offered. I would see regular photos of Faith on my Facebook page in Acland Street St Kilda, with a funky cake, or sitting in front of the fire with a cup of coffee at a trendy cafe in Brunswick. She could have been a food critic because there wasn't a week this 'foodie' wasn't digging into delicious treats.

The CBD, Doncaster and Chadstone Shopping Center also got a good work out as she found fashionable outfits in the up-market shops.

Like myself, her Facebook followers were greeted with beautiful photos of her regular visit to the beauty salon where she would display the most exquisite freshly painted finger nails. Delicate soft model hands would proudly display nail art. It was wonderful to see pale pink and aqua blue stars painted nails, or deep red nails with miniature Christmas pictures staring back at you.

If you were someone viewing Faith for the first time you might believe she was over indulgent. She didn't care; she was a feminine goddess who loved beautiful things. She would have helped many a shopkeeper in Melbourne survive the GFC with her patronage and that's all that mattered. If you had the opportunity of speaking to Faith you would have met the most warmhearted person who loved everyone she came in contact with.

Everything about her life was documented on Facebook, even her last days in the Melbourne hospital ward.

Her mother would dutifully update her childs photos of blue Smurfs while her daughter was fighting to survive. Each Smurf character was her unique way of looking at life. It represented something about her life and how much she valued everything about our precious planet, her family and friends.

Faith held her hands up into the air where she lay on a hospital bed, weak after fighting cancer, to greet her Facebook followers. One of her regular hospital visitors would update a photo onto her site and share it with her friends. Faith knew that she had to help others accept her passing by being the one to show she was doing fine. I know from the deep spiritual readings we shared that she was aware she would have to be strong for her kids, parents and her friends.

Faith died the way she lived her life. She died with dignity. She received loving prayers throughout Australia and the world from all of her regular Facebook friends. She's now in the spiritual world, no longer suffering.

Her heightened energy will greet her friends in their dreams. They will recognize the angelic guidance as they greet her in their sleep. She is the comforting spiritual presence in her family home, helping her children and parents from the higher realms to know she is still with them.

She never doubted there was life after death. She was able to lighten her energetic field before she lifted out of her physical vessel and be 'all knowing' about what her life was about.

Faith didn't ever become the victim. She had her down times when she was emotionally and physically tired but she always pulled herself out of the dumps by laughing and enjoying life.

She is someone that would encourage me to write about her life journey and inspire other people going through cancer or a similar terminal illness.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Poem by Mary Fyre 1932

Love and Light

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has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Australian, Melbourne Psychic Vine's touching tribute for one of her clients who lost her battle with cancer last year. A must read...

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