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Is Your Phone Psychic Reader Really a Psychic? What Credible Psychics Won't Make You Do

Is Your Psychic A Pretend Psychic? Read Our Guide to Help You Spot One

As soon as someone shares with me a psychic doesn't do general readings and does the friendly tell me why you want a reading customer grooming spin I know they're not dealing with a credible psychic.

On my psychic blog I’m going to review what Mind Body Spirit salesmen and saleswomen are doing to infiltrate the psychic market. If you want to find a decent psychic then read this first before you book an online psychic phone reading.

Here are several tips of what to look out for to avoid a salesman or saleswoman pretending to be psychic:

  • Is your psychic wanting to have a conversation with you before you book a psychic reading?
  • Do they direct you through their webpage’s to book a reading so you click their site as they speak with you on the phone?
  • Does the psychic reader or phone psychic ask you why you want a psychic reading and try to find out specific information?
  • Do they groom you to provide information at the start of your reading?
Let's look at an example of customer being greeted by someone who isn't really psychic:

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "Hello Your Speaking with Greg Millman, how can I help you?"

YOU: "I would like a psychic reading please."

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "I first have to tell you that I don't do general psychic readings because I believe you need to concentrate on the specific area you need help for."

YOU: "Oh okay"

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "Do you know what you want to concentrate on?"

YOU: "I want to look at my relationship."

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "Well, I can help you with that by going directly to the energy of your partner and identifying what is going on with him/her. I hone in on their psychic energy using the art of tarot."

YOU: "okay"

YOU: "How do I pay for a psychic reading?"

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "I can help you with that. Are you in front of your computer now?"

YOU: "Yes."

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "Go to my PayPal booking page and click the time you want a psychic reading for."

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "I recommend you book a 10 minute psychic reading if you have 1 question, or if you have 2 or more questions then I would recommend you book a 20 minute or 30 minute psychic reading"...(If the psychic then asks will a 10 minute psychic reading suffice this allows them to use an open question to get you to open up about your relationship, they have caught you in their web).

YOU: "okay"

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "Now do you know exactly what you need to do?"

YOU: "I think so"

PRETEND PSYCHIC: "Now exactly what do you feel is the problem within your relationship?"……………………..

Let's stop here!

What you have just read is someone using the art of conversation at the start of your psychic reading to groom their customer into the way they want your psychic reading to proceed.

Genuine psychics don't engage customers in a conversation before they start a psychic reading because they know it will automatically influence them.

Credible and reputable psychics wouldn't be greeting you on the phone to walk you through the booking process because they don't want their customers to feel as though they are being railroaded to provide any information.

The biggest red flag for a customer is when a psychic tells you they don't provide general readings.

The only reason a psychic would be running away from providing a general reading is because they don't have a solid psychic background of providing credible proof of real psychic ability.

It's as simple as that. Any professional psychic should be able to immediately tune into their customers by using their psychic talents.

Why My Customers Would Detect A Pretend Psychic

If I placed my customers next to a psychic who claimed they didn't do general psychic or clairvoyant readings they would be unimpressed. They have experienced first hand how as a natural born intuitive I can use a breath technique to tune into their emotional and spiritual aura. They know that I will immediately identify if they are suffering from a hangover after having a few glasses of wine the night before. They will share that I detect their exact emotions and describe in detail the visions and feelings that are being impressed onto my ethereal field before they confirm my findings.

If any of my Australian or International customers spoke to a salesman or saleswoman pretending to be psychic they would suss them out before they got to the "I don't do general psychic readings quote".

Difference Between A Real Psychic Reading & A Pretend Psychic Reading

Only when you have a real psychic reading with a person who is spiritually equipped to use their wide range of natural spiritual gifts at their disposal will you immediately identify the difference between a fake psychic and a credible psychic.

A person impersonating a psychic doesn't understand genuine psychics have these natural psychic gifts. They work on the premise that all decent psychic readers are not providing the services they are advertising. Which is far from true.

They use an angle to draw you into their narcissistic business psychic background. Most recently the new angle is to sell products teaching their customers the Laws of Attraction. Which have been revamped into different sales packages by different Mind Body Spirit gurus once they discovered some of the teachings from the Mystery Schools. The latest attempt was in the book "The Secret".

A lot of sales people believe psychics are nothing more than MIND BODY SPIRIT counselors and they try to sell their customers on buying books, CD's, EBooks’, subliminal tapes about the laws of attraction, get-rich-quick money making products etc.

I believe a lot of customers wouldn't have a problem with this if they actually sought out a life coach or someone who specializes in these types of services.

The customer is put out that they were enticed onto a psychic website in the first place to find the pretend psychic backpedals about their wide range of psychic ability.

You my dear readers; have been had by a clever psychic con artist when they tell you they only are a tarot reader after they have written article after article about how they do psychic predictions, how they had a near death experience, how they met with a guru to develop their psychic powers.

Have you met with one of these type of psychics? They exist. They hire people to write fake backgrounds so they can share the affiliate product wealth around. Pretty sad. But that's how these salesmen and saleswomen operate.

It is a form of false advertising. Ecommerce Customers are finding out the hard way - some Australian and world psychic readers perched at the top of the search engines are fabricating their psychic background and customer reviews to be found first by an unsuspecting online customer.

Who Are the Affiliate Network Businesses?

They are world network product affiliate sites that are not what they claim to be and Google recently announced it was aware on their sales tactics by removing industry Blog networks and fine-tuning link sharing arrangements between online business to business industries. A psychic business shouldn't have to place inorganic links all over the web to be found. They should have a solid business background built on years of customer trust. What most customers are finding with affiliate business entities is they have come out of nowhere. Literally their web business has appeared overnight in the number one ranking of Google or Yahoo.

How You Can Stop Pretend Psychics Getting Traction in the Psychic Field

Until the psychic industry is held accountable to the same laws and consumer trade practices that most industries are required to follow there will always be sales people trying it on, to reach a different segment of the marketplace.

The Australian Trade Practices Act clearly stipulates you are not allowed to falsely advertise services you don't deliver.

My Pretend psychic example is clearly showing these crafty individuals do not need to demonstrate any psychic ability to get vulnerable customers to believe them. They groom their customer from the first point of contact and don't let them get a word in edgewise.

It is happening in my cosmopolitan birth city Melbourne and is probably happening in your town or country as you read this article. The affiliate salesmen and saleswomen use social networks to communicate with each other all over the world and unfortunately anyone is fair game to their sales tactics. Even the grieving husband or wife wanting to make a connection with their departed loved one. As sad as it is, they simply don’t care if you are hurting because they’ve got money to earn.

These salesmen and saleswoman are very good at what they do. They have learned their sales crafts from a variety of businesses and now they are waiting for your psychic call to be their next victim. Are you going to let them get away with it, or demand they provide the psychic services they advertise?

Love and Light

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