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Psychic Reviews - True or False?

Psychic Reviews - Who Are You Really Trusting?

There are a lot of psychic review sites that claim they can recommend the best psychics in the world. Psychic institutions and Associations claim they can identify authentic psychics and will attempt to influence the public using their own marketing and advertising to shout they're an authority on all things psychic.

Let me share what my Spiritual Guardians guide about these organizations and why you have to be discerning about the PR hype of network psychic recommendations. We'll cover the topic of psychic PR and advertising in my psychic blog today.

Psychic Testimonials
You might have noticed lately a lot of psychic review sites are on the web. They range from a private investigator in the US recommending hand selected psychics and mediums, to manufactured top 10 psychic review sites. They are trying to compete with Google Maps customer reviews.

How accurate are psychic review sites, and why do people believe them?
The first question a reader has to ask themselves is why are they instant believers of psychic review sites and testimonials on the web. Most of them are scams and have been created by large psychic chat sites and questionable infamous media identities.

Spiritually I'm guided there are some really talented spiritual mediums who have entered into marketing arrangements with psychic review sites to promote their services. However, the same review sites are promoting people who aren't spiritually gifted.

The whole idea of only recommending credible psychics has been tainted. A lot of the original gifted mediums are now dealing with the consequences of the marketing PR machine being overly enthusiastic about reaching the top of the search engines and accepting mediocre psychics or people pretending to be psychic because they all share reciprocal links.

Spirits Guidance On Psychic's
What is Spirits opinion about psychic review sites and psychic institutions, associations or academies? I have been guided since I was a young child that nobody can become psychic overnight, no matter how many people claim the opposite.

Spirit shares we are all spiritual beings that have chosen to incarnate in a physical vessel which allows us to learn from earthly experiences. We choose to leave our spiritual home to learn about the world, our emotional energy and our physical and mental bodies.

Therefore, we are always a spiritual essence and known to be from consciousness at the time we incarnate. We are not considered to be psychic.

Psychic Definition
Psychic is a word we created to describe the wide range of heightened senses some people can feel when they are in the physical body. It is also the term that most people can relate to you when you discuss the spiritual.

Now I move to the next part of Spirits guidance about our need to claim anyone can be psychic and why this is occurring on our planet now.

Not everyone is going to get in touch with their heightened energies no matter how many psychic courses or hypnotherapy tapes they listen to.

Teaching people to be psychic is a way of earning revenue for a business only. If a person has chosen to enter a life of full knowing or to experience a life changing event where they step into the role of a spiritual medium they decide this before they incarnate.

This is why Spirit guides that a lot of the psychic Ecourses and tarot courses are not related to the spiritual world and are a gimmick to entice people to only buy products.

Identifying a Real Medium
If you ask a real psychic medium about their life experiences and how they came to know they had heightened spiritual ability they will share it was always known to them. They came with full knowing of their life purpose and were regularly in touch with their spiritual family and living in this world as well.

As strange as this might seem, a lot of spiritual seers are communicating with lost souls, and having paranormal experiences from the time they are born.

Most spiritual mediums go through stages of rejecting their heightened knowing (gifts) because they want to fit into the mainstream of society.

They never sat in spiritual circles to develop their skills, or earned a false level of accreditation by a psychic institute or school. The psychic accreditation's and courses in our world are not recognized in the spiritual realms. It wouldn't matter if you studied your whole life doing one psychic course after another, it wouldn't make you psychic.

Spirit selects the mediums they want to work with and there is no way you can influence them by doing a psychic course or studying mediumship if you are not naturally of that making.

Where does Money Come into it?
A lot of psychic businesses wanted to earn money teaching people how to be psychic and that is why they started to introduce short courses on their websites and also created EPsychic courses. It is simply a business income stream. The owners of these businesses also wanted to expand their online businesses and wanted to attract people to work for them when they started large psychic chat phone lines. You will find a lot of the earlier psychic companies simply designed a psychic course to get people to work for them.

They were able to select people who did their courses and followed their style of reading. Mostly, they selected good communicators who could have a chat with customers similar to a counseling service. Now, nearly every psychic business is offering psychic courses, psychic Ebooks or spiritual circle meet ups.

Spiritual or Psychic Course?
If you check the spiritual course that I teach, it isn't about turning you into a psychic. It is about you recognizing you are a spiritual being who can get in touch with your own inner voice. I also teach my workshop clients how to understand subtle energies that surround our planet.

This course format is what my Spiritual Guardians have been teaching me since I was a young child. I can appreciate the guidance they reveal about why our world has to label or accredit anything about the spiritual, and why the higher realms only recognize the energy of Oneness.

Oneness Light Workers
There are no accreditation's in Spirit because we are all equal in Oneness consciousness. There's also no competition about who is better than the other, because this is all ego driven and is one of the spiritual lessons we are here to learn.

Therefore when someone claims their tarot readers are the best in the world, or their psychics can do the best love readings in the globe you have to measure these comments with an air of discernment.

Reputable spiritual mediums are not into the psychic advertising hype. They are spiritually motivated to be a spiritual conduit to help the higher realms reach beings who are stuck, needing clarity and to guide them through some of the trials and tribulations of their life experiences.

We are not motivated by ego, because we know that our mission isn't about self - it is about Oneness. We are all from the One knowing consciousness and we know that the people who are seeking our services are also from the same consciousness.

Spirit provides the best spiritual readings and their channeling comes from the higher angelic realms.

When I do a breath reading for a client, I am only the vessel of light offering my services to the higher realms. If you ask any of my customers in Australia or throughout the world whether I take credit for the guidance being offered to them, they will share that I tell them I am the conduit and the guidance came from a higher place. Spiritually my website is about describing the best spiritual guidance coming from the higher realms. I don't claim to be the best psychic.

Let me share what I know to be a spiritual truth. If a customer is guided to a reputable spiritual medium they will know within the first few moments whether the psychic reader is coming from a place of knowing.

Genuine Spiritual Mediums
Genuine spiritual mediums don't question their customers about why they want a psychic reading, they don't have to use tarot cards to do a spread to check why you are contacting them. Spiritual psychics/mediums can immediately sense what is going on around their clients before they reveal anything.

Entertainment and False Psychics
Entertainment psychics and people pretending to be real psychic readers do the exact opposite of a true psychic medium. They ask for your birth date, your horoscope sign, they reveal to their customers they don't offer general readings and will prompt you to provide specific and detailed information about your reasons for wanting a psychic phone reading or face to face reading.

It Doesn't Come Naturally

If you have a reading with a spiritual medium you will notice the difference of a spiritual light worker from a person pretending to have psychic ability. As much as they might want to offer the same type of services as credible mediums, they simply cannot replicate what genuine mediums can energetically tap into.

Spiritual Mediums Vocation

Spiritual mediums and light workers do not seek fame or fortune, they know the power energies are of no consequence to their greater good.

They earn money to pay bills, and live in the physical form like the rest of the world people. They are not gurus, or angels and they have the same levels of intelligence and down to earth personality traits as anyone you normally come across. The danger of labeling someone a guru is you hand over your own inner knowing and this is something I've been spiritually guided to write about on thousands of occasions.

Identifying Credible Customer Testimonials
The only psychic reviews you can truly trust are people writing about their own experiences with a spiritual medium and being prepared to legally back their claim. Other psychic reviews have to be taken with a pinch of spiritual salt, as they are mainly from companies and networks who want to boost each others ranking.

As much as we want to believe in a lot of the testimonials on the psychic review sites with a smiling photograph of a happy customer, they are sometimes only updated on a psychic blog or website to show a false front. Therefore, readers you need to be wary of psychic review sites that can't be legally backed up by credible evidence of its authenticity.

Vine psychic readings line encourages our satisfied customers to write statutory declarations about their spiritual channeled reading. When a customer is prepared to swear on oath a spiritual medium demonstrated real evidence of the afterlife, then and only then, can you accept a psychic review is genuine. I'm aware a lot of my customers have left testimonials on Google Maps etc. because of the convenience. I do however only place up statutory testimonials on my psychic review site to stand by the spiritual principles of only providing credible customer testimonials.

Love and Light

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Cliff said...

A woman after my own heart. I have been to watch accredited mediums on platform and most of them are appalling.

Accrediting mediums without them having natural talent means we are losing out. I totally agree with your assessment. I will run my eyes over what else you have to say.