Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vine's Psychic Reading Archive - 2007, Tolerating Self

"Do not allow yourself to be drawn into other self's unseeing behavior"

There are times when we will be tested with our patience and to learn about the need to be honest and truthful to our self. We will be placed in situations which we will find intolerable and will have emotions rising to the surface which express frustration, anger and annoyance.

There are day's we will stand in our own energy and speak our truth and the other self for whatever reason will not acknowledge where we are coming from and will try to provoke our thoughts and actions to respond to their unseeing behavior.

On those days we need to center ourselves and move our self away from the self who is buying into their inner child behaviors and to find within ourselves an energy of forgiving both the self who forced these emotions to the surface and our self for not dealing with the issue satisfactorily.

When placed in this situation, look within and ask for the voice of knowing to guide your thoughts and provide the correct response in working with the emotional energies which rise to the surface.

Love and Light

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