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Prince in Melbourne and Real Life Prince Magic Synchronicity

Prince Melbourne Concert 2012 - Ecstatic Prince Fan Sofie

Prince is in Melbourne. His first sell-out concert at Rod Laver Arena last night was a huge hit and his fans are raving about his musical genius. 

Psychic blogger reader’s, do you believe in synchronicity?

Let me share how a chain of synchronized events allowed me to end up with the most sought after Prince tickets… in the Purple Circle! (pure gold). And how my friend Sofie and I stood back in awe at the way Spirit works in mysterious ways. 

I was in two minds about seeing Prince this year because I believed I had already experienced my ultimate Prince surreal moment with my pal Sofie when we saw Prince's 2003 musical genius display at the Metro Nightclub in Melbourne. I didn’t think I could top that one.

The memory of that day is imbedded in my Akashic Record because the joy Sofie and I experienced was immeasurable. We threw all caution to the wind and lived in the moment and we were spiritually rewarded.

Before meeting my friend Sofie over 20 years ago, I had a precognitive dream. I saw myself walking into a tall building with a revolving door. At the entrance above the door was a large metallic ball in the shape of the world.

One week later in Queen Street Melbourne, across the road from Albert Park, I found myself looking up at that very ball and walking into the building from my dream.

And that’s where I met my soul sister Sofie. We clicked from the first moment, and have been a part of each others lives ever since.

There’s no bigger Prince fan in the world than Sofie.

When tickets went on sale recently, Sofie was the first person in the queue at her local Ticketek with all other Prince fans loyally lined up behind her, only to find that the best seats were already sold. She was devastated and accepted the tickets on offer, a long way from the Purple Circle.

Sofie's first encounter with Prince was in the early 90's, at his 'Diamonds and Pearls' concert in Melbourne.

Prince and band came to the old St Kilda Palace Nightclub, now a distant memory since it was conveniently burned to the ground one dark night as Melbourne developers waited for the all clear to build a controversial large shopping complex. 

But the Palace in its hey day was St Kilda's crowning nightclub jewel, standing next to Luna Park and just over the road from the Espy.

Back then at the Palace, Sofie was right up the front, and Prince saw her there and reached for her hand in the middle of a song. He knelt down on the stage in front of Sofie and looked directly into her eyes. He was so close that she was able to reach out to his leg and gently caress his thigh. That for Sofie was a truly akashic moment, when the sum of all knowledge and history of the Cosmos materialised for her just inches from Prince's never parts.

By the time Prince next visited our shores, I too had been drawn into his Siren-like zone. His show was at the Metro in the CBD in Bourke Street. Sofie arrived at my Southbank apartment in a sexy black sequined number, her long ash-brown hair hanging Princepectantly around her shoulders. For a special Prince touch, we applied just the right amount of glitter to our face and bodies before setting out across the Southbank walkbridge up Swanston then Bourke to the Metro nightclub.

We were in an energetic spiritual zone that allowed us to be guided to a real connection with Prince. Sofie and I trusted in the Universe when we stood next to the muscular body guard who was guarding the sound equipment at the front of the Metro stage. And had we not trusted in the Universe and stood next to the muscular body guard who was guarding the sound equipment, he would not have been able to tell us that Prince was going to have a secret after-party at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Fitzroy Street St Kilda. 

Now if you were to ask a Prince fan how much they want to attend the Prince after-party, just after they’ve been told where it is, you would have to yell, because they’ve already gone.

The 2003 Melbourne Metro concert was beyond my dreams.

Prince is energetically in tune with the Universe and when he plays a musical instrument he takes you to spiritual heights that allow you to see his soul. He is a natural born gifted musician and at the Metro, Sofie and I witnessed him enter a spiritual trance that allowed him to become one with the music. We danced at the foot of the stage until he played his last encore. Then we taxied all the way back to Sofie's home in the suburbs to grab her car and drive to the after-party.

The key to synchronicity is you don't question whether the information is right or wrong - you go with your gut feel.

That's what we did in 2003 and we easily got into the after-party with all the other secret guests to be a part of a most amazing night. I watched Prince take off his glasses and look directly into Sofie's eyes and I heard her squeals of excitement at being so gazed at by Prince.

Last week when I decided to write this story, I rang the Prince of Wales hotel to refresh my memory of these events. I spoke to a receptionist who told me that someone else had recently contacted the hotel staff to check if Prince was going to do his after-party there. I asked if their name might have been Sofie and she exclaimed, “Yes it was”.

Well there’s no such thing as coincidence. This was the sign that I'm meant to go to the Prince concert.

Long after tickets had gone on sale, I called up Ticketek and said I wanted the best tickets you’ve got, fully expecting to be standing right up the back. Then I heard the man calmly say, “I can get you into the Purple Circle.”

I bought those tickets (excitedly).

Then I called Sofie.

At the same time I was contacting Ticketek, Sofie was writing me an email urging me to change my mind and go to the Prince concert. When I told Sofie how we had both contacted the Prince of Wales receptionist at the same time, she asked me had I received her correspondence?

This is what she had written to me. "You have to change your mind about going to see Prince. I've just been on the phone with Ticketek and have bought new tickets". We had been doing the exact same thing at the same time.

When I told her that I had bought Purple Circle tickets, she was in shock. She said, “Do you know how difficult it is to get Purple Circle tickets!?

The tickets everyone had lined up for to see Prince had somehow come to me.

And this is why I'm sharing my Prince synchronicity story. I was meant to go to Prince's 2012 concert and I know this because my spiritual guardians rewarded my faith in allowing me to have the best Prince tickets.

That is what blind faith is all about. I will be partying and dancing with my friend Sofie when Prince hits the floor. I don't need to go to another late night party because I am grateful for what the Universe has manifested.

Sofie and I are on a high at seeing Prince once again. Prince is a musical lightworker and Sofie and I are going to party like we’re back in 1999.

Love and Light

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Hello Vine,

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I think you would be in their firing line because you know what they're up to.

Admire your spiritual tenacity.

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